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help with formula

I am trying to say

IF B2 =0, "Complete", "Incomplete", OR IF B2>=0 and B10=1,"Complete","Incomplete"

Can an expert assist please

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Phillip Burton

Are these two separate formulas? i.e.

IF(B2 =0, "Complete", "Incomplete")

IF (and(B2>=0,B10=1),"Complete","Incomplete")

If not, then I don't understand, because if B2=0, then it will never get to the second part of the code.
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so you are saying it is not possible then to say

IF(B2 =0, "Complete", "Incomplete")  or  IF (and(B2>=0,B10=1),"Complete","Incomplete")
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not maybe Rgonzo. That works. Thanks
I'm saying it is not possible for something to be both Complete and Incomplete. It appears that your first bit of your formula could say Incomplete, but your second says Complete.
Hi Phillip that was my thought to when I was asked to help. But what they are doing is logical and Rgonzo's result works for me

But thanks for trying