Internet Explorer 11 Credential Manager

Hi,  I accidentally told Internet Explorer 11 not to save a website password which I would now like to save. If there a way of forcing it to give me the password save option again ? Or alternatively is there a way to manually enter website passwords into 'Credential Manager' ?  Thanks in advance.
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Pedro GamaConnect With a Mentor Citrix AdminCommented:

delete cookies and try accessing the site again.

You can have a read here:

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You can get credential manager to accept your password using the command line at least. It's cmdkey.exe
If you are using windows 8 which it seems you are by the tags in your question here is how you fix it.
Go to control panel and go into the credential manager. In there is a big list of passwords and sites. See if the site you now want to save the password for is listed. If it is remove it from this list, close ie and go back to the site and see if you are prompted.
It is much different in windows 7 so if 8 was not your os let us know.
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