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Can Group Policy Become Corrupted?

I have some group policies that have probably been around since the 2003 server days, and a few new ones. It seems when i disable group policy my logons to the pc are quick and when i turn them on they can be very slow. I also see very old shortcuts, and ie favs that i removed years are keep re-applying.
If i delete all of my group policies and start from scratch should i or can i go into the sys vol folder and delete anything in there before i start recreating new policies. I don't know how it is still applying all this old stuff, there must be a copy of that old policy in sysol or something?
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Try to create a fresh OU called test, make sure it isn't inheriting any policies and place a test pc in there.  Apply your individual policies one at a time and log on to test which is causing the slow down.  From experience redundant drivemappings and folder redirection are sometimes to blame.
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I have something similar to this, our it group basically has its own policy i made a year or so ago and does not inherit anything, however it always seems like it gets some old settings that were from the default domain policy we use.
Any old logon scripts being applied to the user containing 'reg fixes' or similar?
We do have some logon scripts but i dont think they have reg entries anymore, but they used to do a lot back in the day.

You think it is safe to remove all my policies and clear out the sys vol folder manually for any stragglers after i do this or is there any files in sys vol i cant touch?
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well i found that my main dc is not replicating new gp changes to the second dc i have. Time for a new question thanks for the help.