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Windows 7 Pro Licensing Portability

I'm pretty sure this a licensing problem.

I have a couple of SATA hard drives with copies of Windows 7 Pro on them.
I tried to put them in an old Dell OptiPlex GX520. This chassis shows it as Windows XP as the last supported O/S.

The drives try to boot to the Win 7 system but fail shortly after the POST. After a second attempt, it comes up to the Launch Recovery option screen. I run that, and then it asks to be able to connect to Microsoft to help correct the problem. I have yet to do that as if I need to pay to re license these drives on a different chassis they were installed on, I want to be sure they are healthy first.

In theory, this should run on the OptiPlex GX520, but slowly, but I have seen Win 7 machines run on lesser resources.

Do you think I'm looking at licensing issues or hardware incompatibility?
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Thank you. I have had success doing this back in the 9x/2000/XP days.
I guess those days are over now.
I have very limited fiscal resources here, and building "Frankensteins" was a good money saver. Unfortunately, most of my spare part "inventory" of SATA based systems predate Win 7.
I only tried it because I do have a vendor who has been kind in terms of dollars spent re-imaging my XW class HP workstations to Win 7. Some were Vista but not Win 7 capable on the HP site, but the problems are few and minor, and the depot service price is sweet.
I guess I had it in my head from another Win 7 problem that the O/S called to the firmware level now for licensing validation from MS. I must have been misinformed about that.
Again, thanks.
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"I guess those days are over now." - your portable installation does not start anywhere - not with 2000, nor with xp.  Only if the drivers for the hard drive controller are found, it will boot. That's still the same with windows 7.
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<sigh> Just seeing this now.
There's one in every crowd.

Ne dis jamais, jamais, McKnife.
Google that.

There a great many things I like about working in technology and one I do not. It seems there always has to be that one person...Reminds me of a person I met about a year back. I choose not to have a "smart" phone. A portable calling device not Internet connected is fine for me, but since I don't have a smart phone, he declared me techno ignorant. Amazing what puts a bulge in some peoples' trousers.

I made a blanket statement in generic terms. I did NOT specify if I had taken a Dell FDD with 98SE on it and put it in a similar HP chassis nor did a I say that I took a Lenovo SATA drive with XPP and put it in an Equus 2K chassis. But, I guess I said just enough to be told what I've done in the past that has indeed worked did not work, anywhere, ever. If so, I currently have three real good hallucinations currently running on the network. I guess I'm just hard drive controller lucky?

I don't know where this attitude comes from where some must always snipe and indict from behind the duck blind of a screen name based on a penny's worth of information. I personally don't know everything and can learn from others, hence the purpose of this forum. Others apparently mopped up God's work on the 8th day. To them, I say it is time to get out of Mommy's basement, lose the Gameboy, trade that 30 pack of Bud Lite for a 750 ml imperial IPA of your choosing, and get over yourself.

No doubt, the defense will raise personal accreditation, certifications, and a list of technological acuity that buttresses foundations from Redmond to Cupertino, none of it verifiable, but the prosecution doesn't care.

"Your virtual personality does not start anywhere-not with human, nor with animal.  Only if the decorum for common courtesy is found..."
Dear afrend.
This is no attitude. This is not meant offensive. This is no sniping.

Maybe my English ain't good enough, but, when I wrote "your portable installation does not start anywhere - not with 2000, nor with xp" this does not equal saying "your portable installation will start nowhere at all". It should be understood as "portable installations as the one you created may or may not start - simply depending on the harddrive controller". And that is true, I know what I am talking about since I have shifted around installations from one hardware to the other hundreds of times, with NT4/2000/xp/win7/8.x and all servers there are.

"No doubt, the defense will raise personal accreditation, certifications, and a list of technological acuity..." - come on. You simply misunderstood what I was trying to say. I saw that you believe something has changed from 2k/xp to win7 - which is not the case. I am trying to help you understand what is going on, in a friendly way. If it doesn't look like this, if you are seeing some bored smartass that just likes to hear himself talk wisely, you are wrong :) This has never been my intention, sorry if it looked like it.

You got me wrong, completely wrong. Nevermind :)

PS: "Ne dis jamais, jamais, McKnife. Google that." - no need, my french is fairly good.