Trusted Sites Issue

I'm running a 2012 domain controller with Windows 7 PC's I have a proxy with various settings - we are using IE 9.  Trusted sites are controlled via GPO.  I have a website listed in my trusted sites in the GPO however, I have a user who when they try to access this site they get the following error:  BIg Red X : Trust Not Granted - The application can not be depolyed because it is not trusted and possibly unsafe.  I've checked the registry of the machine and the site is listed there with a 2 next to it for trusted sites.  I've tried rsop.msc and it show up there too.  I've tried resetting the web settings, removing the site from the registry and adding it back.  I've even tried rebooting nothing, I mean nothing is working.  I'm not even sure why or what the issue is since the site is clearly showing up in the registry of that PC.  So if any can help it will be much appreciated.  In addition, is there a way to unfilter the trusted sites and just add them manually instead of having to add it to the GPO???  Lastly this must use Internet Explorer so downloading Chrome, Firefox , etc is not possible.
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AaronSystems Administrator & DSTCommented:
You could check to make sure that the Java versions match. Sometimes the new Java versions will cause security errors on sites that don't update all the time. Does the computer have the certificate installed as well for the site? You can also check other local settings to see if they match the users that work just the other day I had someone who had Active X filtering on and it was preventing a Citrix program to start from the browser. You could also make sure that the same add ons are on/enabled or that it doesn't have anything extra on there. Also make sure that if the other PC uses protected mode or doesn't that they match. Hope that helps I know it's more of a list of things to troubleshoot and a lot you might know just forgot to check but anyway goodluck!
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
I checked all that everything is the same
AaronSystems Administrator & DSTCommented:
Have you tried removing the computer from the domain, changing the name and re-adding it to the domain? Possibly anything to do with the users AD account?
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WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
NO but I did try readding it to the domain and that didn't work
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
I figured it out!  THis PC was lacking Netframe work 4.0

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AaronSystems Administrator & DSTCommented:
It seems like you have done everything you can. Sorry but I am fresh out of ideas to go beyond this. At this stage you could maybe go back through and make sure you didn't miss anything or you might have to settle for the work a round you mentioned. Maybe something we just are not thinking of that another perspective could help. If I think of anything I will let you know but I have hit a wall on this one. Good luck!
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
I figured it out myself
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