Updating status based on set criteria

I am trying to compare  "ES NEG POS Date" with "PV DETAILS THIS WK-S Date" and  "ES NEG POS Amount" with "PV DETAILS THIS WK-S Amount" and update the status("Fixed" or "Unfixed") based on the below mentioned criteria.

Criteria based on Date            
ES NEG POS Date      PV DETAILS THIS WK-S Date      Status
20-Nov-14                          20-Nov-14                               Fixed
20-Nov-14                           5-Nov-14                                Fixed
20-Nov-14                         25-Nov-14                               Unfixed

Criteria based on Amount            
ES NEG POS Amount      PV DETAILS THIS WK-S Amount        Status
50.00                                     50.00                                               Fixed
50.00                                       40.00                                               Fixed
-50.00                                     -40.00                                                 Fixed
0.00                                              50.00                                               Unfixed
0.00                                              -50.00                                               Unfixed
50.00                                        90.00                                               Unfixed
-50.00                                        -90.00                                               Unfixed
-50.00                                          30.00                                               Unfixed
30.00                                       -50.00                                               Unfixed

Status after considering date and amount together      
Status based on Date      Status based on Amount      Final status
Fixed                                           Fixed                                 Fixed
Fixed                                           Unfixed                      Unfixed
Unfixed                                           Fixed                              Unfixed
Fixed                                           Unfixed                     Unfixed

One of my team members is doing this manually for at least 10 sheets. I tried to write “If/And/OR” logic as mentioned below, but was not successful completely. I am finding it difficult because of negative (-) number. Please help

For Date: IF(OR(E2=S2,E2=R2,E2<S2,E2<R2),"Fixed","Unfixed")

For Amount: =IF(T2=0,"Unfixed",IF(M2=T2,"Fixed",IF(AND(T2<0,M2>0),"UnFixed",IF(AND(M2<0,T2>0),"UnFixed",IF(AND(T2<0,M2<0,T2<M2),"Fixed",IF(AND(T2<0,M2<0,M2<T2),"UnFixed",IF(T2>M2,"Fixed",IF(M2>T2,"UnFixed",""))))))))

Hence curious to know if we can write a VB script  for accurate results or any other better method I can use to get the right status.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am looking forward for the immediate and positive response!!!!!!

Ganesh VijaykumarAsked:
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What is the rule for Criteria Based on Date? It looks like you are using E2, R2 and S2 in your formula, but how does that match up with your example where you only have two dates?

What determines Fixed and Unfixed by amount?

I think we need a lot more explanation of what you are trying to accomplish.
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Yes.  Please post the actual rules to follow, as well as a sample file showing several inputs and the output expected based on that input.
Ganesh VijaykumarAuthor Commented:
loneieagle2: Oops I am sorry for the confusion. Actually I am trying to compare dates under column PV DETAILS THIS WK-S Date with dates under column ES NEG POS Date and ES OSB NEG POS Date, hence you can see E2, R2 and S2 in the formula. While posting the question thought if I get the logic\condition for one, I can apply the same for another one.
However, to put this question differently:
Let us focus on comparing only two dates and amounts. I mean ES NEG POS Date with PV DETAILS THIS WK-S Date and ES NEG POS Amount with PV DETAILS THIS WK-S Amount.
Firstly we have to check the dates and then later amount and Update the final output
ES NEG POS Amount be EA
 ED=PVD = Fixed   EA=PVA=Fixed     Final output = Fixed
 ED=PVD = Fixed   EA>PVA=Unfixed     Final output = Unfixed
 ED>PVD = Unfixed EA=PVA=Fixed     Final Output = Unfixed

I could write the logic, but when its only negative combination and negative positive combination i am not getting the accurate results.

I have updated all the possible criteria’s in the attached spreadsheet. Hopefully this time I am clear on my request.
Will be looking for positive response!
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Still not clear on the rules. I'll just use ES and PV to name the columns. Are these correct?
1. Date: Unfixed if PV>ES, otherwise Fixed
2. Amount: see excel sheet

3. Combination: If both 1 and 2 are fixed then the final is fixed, otherwise unfixed.

If you clear up the ambiguities on the spreadsheet, I can get you and answer.
Ganesh VijaykumarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response!

Using ES and PV to name the columns is correct

1. Date: Unfixed if PV>ES, otherwise Fixed = Correct

3. Combination: If both 1 and 2 are fixed then the final is fixed, otherwise unfixed. = Correct

Amount: see updated excel sheet, I have updated the comments and status.

I hope i have cleared the ambiguities on the spreadsheet.

Will be looking for positive response at the earliest possible as i need to complete this ASAP

Ganesh VijaykumarAuthor Commented:
@loneieagle2 : I am awaiting your response! Hope you are  clear on the rules now, please let me know if you need any further information.

Ganesh VijaykumarAuthor Commented:
@loneieagle2 : Just wanna inform you, I had to complete this task urgently, hence was trying out of my ways to write the condition/Logic and I think I am successful and logic is working fine. Below is the logic or condition I used, However it would be of great help if you could validate the below mentioned formula and also lemme know if you have a better logic/condition to get the accurate output Or any other way (VB) to get the accurate results or long term solution.

For Date : E2 = ES ; R2 = PV

For Amount : T2 = ES ; M2 = PV

Will be awaiting your response!

How about:

I think this gets everything
Missed a parenthesis.
 Sorry, had the ABS comparison backwards. This should do it.

Since the combination of date and amount both have to be fixed, either one being Unfixed makes the result Unfixed. So we just need to find all occurrences that make it unfixed.
1. First date greater than the 2nd date
2. First amount 0
3. Different signs
4. The magnitude of the first number less than the magnitude of the second.

Or we could have found Fixed by using AND with:
1. First date less than or equal to 2nd date.
2. First amount <>0
3. Same Sign
4. The magnitude of the first number greater than or equal to the second.

Hope this helped.
I looked at your solution (40462121) and it never gets past the 3rd 'IF', so it does not always handle where the first amount is negative properly. My solution (40462374) seems to work if I understood all of your criteria correctly.

T2      M2      Your Solution      My Solution
0      0      Unfixed            Unfixed
0      1      Unfixed            Unfixed
0      2      Unfixed            Unfixed
1      1      Fixed            Fixed
2      1      Fixed            Fixed
1      2      Unfixed            Unfixed
-1      -1      Fixed            Fixed
-1      -2      Fixed            Unfixed
-2      -1      Unfixed            Fixed
1      -1      Fixed            Unfixed
2      -1      Fixed            Unfixed
1      -2      Fixed            Unfixed
-1      1      Unfixed            Unfixed
-1      2      Unfixed            Unfixed
-2      1      Unfixed            Unfixed

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Ganesh VijaykumarAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delayed response! The formula worked for me... Thanks for your help!
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