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Explorer View in Sharepoint 2013 / Office 365


is it possible to create explorer view in Sharepoint 2013/ Office 365 by any method. is there any code available?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Lionel MM
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Not sure what you are asking here--do you want to see files and folders using explorer? Do you want to see the underlying web code?
it should be easily discoverable check the image.
it might authenticate again for your credentials.
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Hello Kukdai - I don't see any image.

Hi Lionelmm, In sharepoint 2003/2010 there was an easy option available to use explorer view, which is missing in Sharepoint 2013 and Office365. But you can manually do it by coding. So I am looking if there is any way if someone knows or any coding.
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Amila Hendahewa
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