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Need JavaScript Help To Sum Fields Based on Dropdown Selection

I have (1) dropdown field named (CAT) that contains (7) items and repeats in (31) rows.  I also have (3) different decimal fields (REG, TIMEHALF, and DBL) which may or may not contain data, that also repeat in the same (31) rows.  Lastly, I have a separate field (BASEBLDGTL) that is not connected to the table, which I want to use to calculate the (3) different decimal fields based on the selection of the dropdown field.  So basically, I'm looking for the BASEBLDGTL field to add all of the REG, TIMEHALF, and DBL fields together for each row if the first item in the dropdown field is selected.  I also want the BASEBLDGTL field to be able to pickup on possible changes to the selection of the CAT dropdown field.  Any help would be very much appreciated as I'm a complete idiot in JavaScript.
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