Replicating data between offices with large files

We have have a main office with a small branch office located in another state. We deal with graphical files ( Autocad, Adobe, high res images,.....) . The offices team up on most projects. So, the same file may get accessed with individuals from both sides. They will probably not work on the files at the same times, but often will be accessed once the file is ready for others to work/edit on it or just view .  We are upgrading our file servers to Windows 2012 and have about 10TB of data . Most of which is currently on the file-server in main office. We have tried third party software such as Globalscape in the past, but that did not work out for us.  Not sure what are some the best solutions out there and if DFS( which I don't know much about ) would work for us. I am looking a for a solid solution and no corrupt files. We have about 45 people in main office and 5 people  in the branch office.We have a cable with comcast 100MBdown/20MB up at the main office and 100MBdown/50UP Verizon Fios in the branch office . ( site to site VPN between the offices)
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James HIT DirectorCommented:
I wouldn't recommend DFS there, not across a Site to Site. I would consider a hosted solution for Sharepoint so everyone can centrally access those files and work collaboratively.
netcompAuthor Commented:
Spartan, Are you serious  ? :-) 10 TB of data all on sharepoint? Or all those active large files/folders on Sharepoint and to work over a hosted solution over the web at internet speed.
"Correction, We really have about 3 TB of active data ." So, if it helps to replicate less then we can take that route.
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
With only 5 people remote, I'd suggest a workflow in which files for them to work on are separated so you don't have to worry about file locking issues. That is where most sync solutions will have problems.
For Dfs you need something like this:
Dropbox, box, owncloud, BitTorrent sync, and others are worth checking out. Pay specific attention to file locking and change overwriting issues. I believe most of them do "last save wins". If you can use a workflow where both locations are not changing files in the same place at the same time then owncloud or BitTorrent sync might be perfect.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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You might be able to use MS's branch cache to set up local replica's of the data.  If you can get Branch Cache working properly, it should sync changes made on the local replica files back up to the main server.
netcompAuthor Commented:
I understand that there only five users, but they do a ton of work with the other engineers over in the main office need to do all that we can to get them synced up. They are also some of the key designers. I would like to make sure that there are no file corruption issues and files are locked if that is done. Would file cash do that? I still have not figure out DFS nor do I know if that is a good option?
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
There a lot of solutions and they all handle merging/locking a little different. It's a messy Arena the personally I don't think has a clear winner.
Branch Cache can sync changes made by each user.  But it is not a perfect system, if multiple users are modifying the files simultaneously, then it is possible for the system to get confused over who has the most recent changes.

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