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Understanding the route between 2 local subnets

Hi there;
So I made a new subnet to have more ip space.  My existing subnet works fine but was getting short with ip's (it works fine but I needed to check the new subnet first).
I made the new subnet in AD sites.  Also assigned a secondary local IP of to my router.  Just wanted to make myself sure if my new subnet is all set to go:
Here under you will find my brocade switch showrun and vlans.  Also a route print from a windows 8.1 client.  

The idea is I would like to understand if anymore things need to be done on my switch so that the 2 subnets i.e and talk to each other (meaning servers from one subnet be accessed by other?
Need help
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***********If the 2 subnets were created on the switch and ip routing is enabled (which is, by default********
Thanks for the reply.  Could you please look at my show run above and see I have not created any subnets on the switch (brocade) show run is attached.
Your switch should not be involved, as it does not build any VLANs (but on port 1/1/48).
The default gateway is your router. That is fine, as long as the router knows both subnets. Traffic between subnets will hence always flow thru the router (doubling its network load).

However, the question is why you didn't just expand your existing network to  or That way all you had to do is to change the subnet mask, and the router would not have to be involved.
I just wanted to try first with a new subnet leaving the alone.  Now that I cannot the new subnet is unable to check shared folders on  I will go with the option you suggested to just change the mask.  i.e
Question:  I will make a new subnet with as the AD sites and services will not let me change unless the existing subnet is deleted.?
-I am also not sure if the subnet with mask is allowed in my router?  How do I find this?
-Then I will simply make a new scope in DHCP with /23 and things should be fine?
Need help with these questions before change.
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My firewall sitting in between the router and the switch was infact blocking the interVlan traffic, the moment I unplugged it and plug it back in .  Things worked!!.  I really appreciate your time.