My clock does not work in Windows 7

My clock keep resetting in Windows 7.      I have tried online solution without no success.
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mmm7786Author Commented:
My clock does not work in Windows 7.   I have tried online solutions and they have not worked.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Clock is basic to Windows.

Try running System File Checker. Run SFC /SCANNOW twice, restart and then test again.
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Please define "not working". Is it not synchrinizing to time servers. Is it always show wrong times? Does it not tick at all?

Doesnt it show the time and is empty?
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There's not enough info, explain "time resetting" what exactly happens.
Usual case, if clock resets to some old date (1970 - 2005 or so), and in some cases of clock is being late - cause is that battery that keeps CMOS settings is weak, or died. But, there are many other possible reasons.

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Jeyz_CanonigoSystems TrainerCommented:
Maybe you have to change your CMOS battery
is this problem recent?  then a system restore to a date it was working can help

also - does it reset to a data like 2000 ?
and is this a laptop ?  best post pc model also
mmm7786Author Commented:
I set the clock and it will work for a while maybe a 1/2 hour.      Then the time will change.      The time shows.      I have tried removing the internet synchronization and adding it back in.    

It is a laptop - ACER model.      

Will try the System File Checker.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Restart the laptop and go into BIOS (usually achieved by pressing either the Delete key or F2). Make sure the time is correct in there.
ACER is no model - it is a brand  - they have hundreds of models
can it be malware?
scan with AV, and these :                         MBAM                  Roguekiller
mmm7786Author Commented:
Tried the System File Checker and changing the BIOS time.    Neither worked.     It is not malware - The computer is clean.      

ACER - Aspire - 7741G-6426    

Should I replace the CMOS battery then?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Replacing the battery might work, but normally a clock will show some time once the computer is started.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Easier said than done on a laptop.

Is the Windows Time service running? Go to Control PanelAdministrative Tools > open Services > go down the list until you reach Windows Time.

Also check that you haven't accidentally changed the time zone.

You never said how far the the clock goes out of sync. Is it a few minutes, half an hour or an hour?
The CMOS battery on a computer is only there to keep your clock ticking while the computer is powered off.  While it is powered on, the computer's power supply takes over and the clock uses that, so it should not go out of sync while the computer is powered on.
for replacing the battery - normally a CR2032 model - that should have 3V you have to open it
this can help :
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Just an idea, maybe you have some software installed that mess with the systems time. e.g. some GPS software, Shareware time resetter, etc pp.? Maybe you are even not aware of it if it came bundled with another software.
mmm7786Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

andreasSystem AdminCommented:
One more thing you can test.

1. Set the time correctly in BIOS-setup.
2. save bios settings. and reboot
3. enter BIOS-setup again to ensure the time is still correct
4. power off the laptop from within the BIOS setup.
5. let the laptop powered off and removed from AC-adapter overnight
6. on next day power laptop on and enter BIOS-setup again without letting windows boot.
7. check if time there is still correct.

If yes, the Laptop is ok and the cmos battery does not need to be replaced. If the time is also off/incorrect, a change of cmos battery might help.
The asker states that his own comment provides the solution on the basis that something in that comment "worked".

The comment simply states:

Tried the System File Checker and changing the BIOS time.    Neither worked.     It is not malware - The computer is clean.      

ACER - Aspire - 7741G-6426    

Should I replace the CMOS battery then?

There are 3 previously suggested solutions mentioned in the first paragraph of that comment, namely SFC, BIOS Time, and Malware, but the asker states that none of these worked.  That only leaves CMOS battery, and this was previously suggested by:
Predrag Jovic: #a40456750
and then by:
Jeyz_Canonigo: #a40456761

Assuming the CMOS/BIOS battery was dead, then #a40456750 is the question that contains the suggestion that "worked".
mmm7786Author Commented:
Yes, the CMOS battery suggestion worked.   Sorry for the confusion.
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