Server 2008r2 DNS corrupt, can't fix

One of our staff was trying to fix DNS issues, they deleted the DNS, now we can't start the netlogon, dcdiag has errors.  I will attach it.  We are down, the users will be there at 8am EST, please help.  I will pull a addiag report and attach.  It appears my dns/fsmo roles may be messed up.
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What was done?

Do you have another server on which you can install the DNS service?
The DNS is AD integrated,

Is the DNS service still installed and is running?
wjl3698Author Commented:
my employee was trying to fix some issues with dns, but he removed it.  then he said he tried to put it back but the information seemed to be there but the active directory won't work.  

No we don't have another server, this is the only one.
When I go to the DNS management the only thing is under the reverser lookup zone and that is my server ip address.  attaching my addiag now.
DO you have forward ZONES
You may need to add your AD domain to the FORWARD zones as well as _msdcs.AD_DOMAINNAME
make sure they are AD integrated zones

you need to run the command nltest /DSREGDNS

What was the person supposed to FIX?
what does your DNS looks like?
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wjl3698Author Commented:
I ran the nltest/dsregdns the results are I_netlogoncontrol failed: status = 1717 0x6b5 rpc_s_unknown_if

It didn't have a  _msdcs.AD_DOMAINNAME he was running the best practice analysis to correct whatever needed.  

I had to go to sleep is the reason for my delay responding.   Thank you for all your help.  I am adding my forward zone now.  It's like the services are not running.   I can start the time or the netlogon
wjl3698Author Commented:
Was running Best Practice Analyzer on the server. which returned 33 ' Errors ' when it was completed. after doing some reading about a few of the errors people were saying the DNS was messed up. i was missing  _msdcs.AD_DOMAINNAME folder which should have the dc/ac sub folders below that, i compared to another server we have and sure enough we were missing those zones, i couldn't create the zones because it was saying name already existed. i removed DNS Role and rebooted and reinstalled DNS role but the same information is there. we are missing sub folders under the domain, ill attach a picture and ill attach another picture of a working server on what im talking about. when we first installed this server when we installed AD Role it auto installed DNS and created the DNS for us to work with AD. when i reinstalled DNS after removing the role no information was there and i couldn't get it to talk to the AD.

please help.
wjl3698Author Commented:
here is another server with working DNS. compare them and you see the issue.
wjl3698Author Commented:
current DNS thats the issueworking DNS on another server.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Seeing as this is your only server, do you have a valid system state backup you can restore to? Honestly it may be quicker and easier to restore from a backup, especially when you are on a deadline.

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wjl3698Author Commented:
We are looking at that now.
did you try hitting the reload on the forwarding zones?

try right-clicking on the DNS server and select the tasks and configure DNS server, see whether that brings the AD zones back in.

Without knowing what the issue was that needed to be corrected and what was done, it is hard to guess how to reverse this when there is no additional server even Virtual for a short time.

Could the person have reconfigured the DNS service settings such that ad zone was excluded?

wjl3698Author Commented:
we are doing a full c: drive image restore.  Then we can see what is needed from that stand point.
hopefully, before you started the full image restored, you copied off the files/data that was changed since the image was taken to a separate/external data source.
wjl3698Author Commented:
the data was stored on a Q: Data 240gig SSD drive. C was only used for windows. server is back up. thanks
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