how to i export pst from webmail i cannot load up outlook client

because of an issue with outlook client setup i cannot setup my account in outlook i can only access my mail via and need to export a pst
Jorge OcampoAsked:
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot export directly to a PST in Exchange Online. Either use Outlook, or if this is not possible, do a eDiscovery Search against the mailbox and export the results from the eDiscovery center.
get outlook working on a PC, any PC and use the below instructions to connect to via pop3 and then export PST from local outlook
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
i tried it doesnt work - any office 365 shell commands?
What doesnt work? Have you follow the articles instructions? Works for me many times.
Rajitha ChimmaniCommented:
Not sure if its possible to export to PST directly. But if you have any other user outlook working then you can export the contents to that user mailbox using powershell and export to PST using Outlook.

Or you can use the PST capture tool
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