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Outlook.ost file size with Worldox or other content management systems.

Have several clients using Exchange with Worldox noticed their ost files well over 20G limit and although working a little slower seem to be working fine. One clients ost over 45G.

Anyone seen anything similar and how to go about managing the ost. I've archived with professional software however the archiving is not what I'm after more so why the ost's are growing so large and fast.
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The OST is (should be) a mirror of the main Email file in Exchange. That means you have some very large email files. I think 45 GB may be pushing the limit.

They get this big because of attachments normally.

3 solutions:

1. Archive. This is what I do.
2. Delete old emails: I do not do this.
3. Remove attachments: Laborious - open the email, save the attachment separately and delete the attachment from the email. Save the email. Users would have to spend time doing this. I do this on occasion.

Number 1 is the easiest and most automatic.

There is no magic solution.
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Guess what I'm asking is all the pst files I've ever managed stop at 20G and lock up Outlook, this doesn't seem to be the case and why I asked about Worldox, I'm curious how the app interfaces with Outlook.

I'll check the actual size of the users email now, it's likely less than 15G so something is blowing up the ost.
If your mail files are 15 GB, then you need to instruct users to delete their OST files and remake them. I am not sure why they are out of sync, but it may be that users are not allowing OST files to completely synchronize. Then they can corrupt.
This isn't the case, something is creating this and the only application that's different with this client is Wordlox. Deleting and archiving, as I mentioned aren't going to help if something is causing them to grow the way they are. Like I said too they're aren't causing any harm other than becoming so large. I'd like to know why, I've never seen them go over 20G without causing issues.
You are saying your application is writing to the OST file . I have not seen such a thing happen. So far as I can see, then, it is not an Outlook or Windows issue. You need to contact the application Vendor.
...and why I'm asking the experts. Thanks John.
Unless someone here is a Worldox expert, then the only thing we can suggest is to get the vendor to fix their product. We cannot do that.
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well depends on the version of Outlook
2007: 18Gb
2010: 25Gb
2013: 50Gb

if the sizes goes beyond this limit you will see performance issues.

are you using shared mailboxes as well ? if so then they do contribute to the ost size in that case you can tell outlook to keep shared mailbox online not cached.