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DNS, Round Robin, Terminal Server farm w/ NLB and Broker - No external Access

We have load balance the terminal servers using NLB and use the session broker in our Windows 2008 R2 environment.
We had some issues with our DCs and DNS which were resolved replicated but one of the steps in best practice for DNS was enabling scavenging on the DNS. Now removing Stale DNS entries was a plus, since our records we're never maintained over the past 8 years. With that said, about an hour after enabling this, our external access to our internal farm was lost. I have an open MS case for this but it''s been two days between the TS department and networking department and still no answer. Our farm works great internally, it's external it fails. Port 3389 is open on our router, passes the rdp traffic to our ip of the cluster (NLB) , same as before ie ( no changes.) What could of possible went wrong?? Any information is appreciated.
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