Installing digital certificate via powershell

I requested a commercial digital certificate for my Exchange 2010 on Windows 2012 to migrate mailboxes from Exch 2003 to 2010. I then later installed the received commercial certificate  using powershell rather than running the Exchange 2010 EMC to complete the pending request certificate status. I also assigned services using powershell. But I noticed that the CSR status in Exhange Management Console still says "pending". Would that ever go away or do I need to again install the digital certificate but this time use the EMC and also assign the services via EMC?? I am tempted to run it again and complete the pending request via EMC, but I am concern that it may have un-intended effect on the certificate or the exchange configuration. When I used the cmdlet get-exchangecertificate | fl I can see my digital certificate and it did say valid for status and also I can see the services I assigned, and it did say too the CA issuer so it looked like it was installed properly but EMC says otherwise. Any ideas?? Let me know please. Thanks!
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Check the cert you have installed in the certmgr.msc Personal store. In the Properties/General tab does it have the "You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate" message showing?

If not, then you need to copy the Thumbprint value on the Details tab and run the following command in Powershell:

Certutil –repairstore My <thumbprint>

lotusmail1Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
I checked and it did say "You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate"  in the general tab. Would it hurt if I re-run and complete the CSR request via EMC this time? Let me know please. Thanks!
In that case, could it be possible that you initially generated 2 CSRs, and only one has been (correctly) completed?
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You could try and complete the unfinished CSR through EMC but it's unlikely to work though as I suspect the cert you have may not match the original CSR. If you have it working you should able to cancel the outstanding CSR with no ill effect.
lotusmail1Author Commented:
That's a good point, but I am not sure as I had somebody performed the CSR request and I heard that he had trouble the first time. I will verify it and get back. Thanks for your quick reply.

lotusmail1Author Commented:
Hi there,

Ok I think I found out the reason why the CSR in EMC was still showing despite successful installation of the certificate via Powershell. During the process of installing the certificate via Powershell I had all the services included ie IIS, POP, IMAP, SMTP and Powershell prompted me to respond to a question:
Do you want to enforce SSL communication on the root web site? If not, rerun the cmdlet with the -DoNotRequireSSL parameter. I clicked "No". I should have click "yes" because as far as the system is concern my effort was incomplete hence when I checked the CSR in the EMC the pending request CSR is still showing.  Anyway I went ahead and assigned IIS service via Powershell and that completed the whole CSR request per EMC. Thanks for time and advice. This issue is closed.

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