Display different URL/text to visitor based on their local time.

I would like to display a different, clickable URL to my website visitors depending on their local time.

So for example, if they visit my site and their local time is between 7pm to 6am, the page should display 'abc.com'.

Whereas if they visit between 6am to 7pm, I would like to display 'xyz.com' to them.

Is this possible and how would I go about it please?

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RayDirector of Software DevelopmentCommented:
Time zone information of the browser is not part of the HTTP spec, so you can't just get it from a header.  You'll probably need to get geo info from their IP.


Get visitor local time, sunrise and sunset time by IP with MaxMind GeoIP and PHP
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Just instantiate a javascript date object in your pages code.

now = new Date();
hour = now.getHours();
Ray PaseurCommented:
See Practical Application #8 in this article:

Unless you really need to keep this information in PHP, the best answer is probably something like this:

1. Send "Good morning" and "Good afternoon" messages in hidden divs
2. Detect the time of day
3. Show the div that is appropriate
greetings  phaygarth, , The local user's browser is the best place to get the users "TIME - DATE" for the area timezone that they are located in, , I would use the javascript of the browser to get the hour from the Date() object, there are 24 separate hour designations from 0 (midnight) to 23 (11 pm), I do not see that it would be a practical operation for your site to have 24 different URL, one for each hour, but here is the javascript i used in fire fox to do that , this will change a string to 24 different URL as hour1 is 0 to 23,
the   document.write( ) used here MUST be below the <body> tag for correct html placement, so I placed the body tag in this, but it is irrelevant  to the javascript used below, except as where the output is written (placement)


// Array below is here if you need display of the time slot
var timeArray = ["12 am","1 am","2 am","3 am","4 am","5 am","6 am","7 am",
  "8 am","9 am","10 am","11 am","12 pm","1 pm","2 pm","3 pm","4 pm",
"5 pm","6 pm","7 pm","8 pm","9 pm","10 pm","11 pm"];

//  hour1 will have a Number not a string
var hour1 = new Date().getHours();

// if some javascript framework changes
// the Date() getHours() it may not work as expected,
// so include an ERROR PAGE or DEFAULT URL below
var outURL = "error_page.php";

// a switch makes the best use of code work for so many selections
switch (hour1){
  case 0: outURL = "abc.php";
  case 1: outURL = "bcd.php";
  case 2: outURL = "cde.php";
  case 3: outURL = "def.php";
  case 4: outURL = "efg.php";
  case 5: outURL = "fgh.php";
  case 6: outURL = "ghi.php";
  case 7: outURL = "hij.php";
  case 7: outURL = "ijk.php";
  case 9: outURL = "jkl.php";
  case 10: outURL = "klm.php";
  case 11: outURL = "lmn.php";
  case 12: outURL = "mno.php";
  case 13: outURL = "nop.php";
  case 14: outURL = "nop.php";
  case 15: outURL = "opq.php";
  case 16: outURL = "pqr.php";
  case 17: outURL = "qrs.php";
  case 18: outURL = "rst.php";
  case 19: outURL = "stu.php";
  case 20: outURL = "tuv.php";
  case 21: outURL = "uvw.php";
  case 22: outURL = "vwx.php";
  case 23: outURL = "wxy.php";

// the line below  can be in a separate <scritp> section if nessary
document.write("clickable URL for "+timeArray[hour1]+"- <a href='"+outURL+"'>"+outURL+"</a>"); 

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ask question if you need more info

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phaygarthAuthor Commented:
That worked perfectly, thank you.
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