IP Reputation App: Why do I keep getting "Search is waiting for input"?

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I have my router sending syslog data to splunk server. Search and Reporting is populating syslog data in real-time with no issue. Now I have installed IP-Reputation app and I keep getting Search is waiting for input. Are there any configurations needed to populate data through the IP Reputation app?.
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I keep getting the same message "Search is waiting for input" from Splunk Global Threat Landscape/IP Watch List App?. Any idea how to propagate data into the Apps?. Thank you.
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may want to perform some quick check and the API key (an Authorization Key and an account in order to use http:BL ) is provisioned as well. if th nslookup works then it is really teh GUI having some "wait out" response due to intermediary device blocking (may want to check if FW or router has those response though) as well. Just a note the honeynet project does not support IPv6 currently (from their faq)


I believe you already posted the qns in answers.splunk.com forum as well and maybe good to contact the apps author directly - (see contact)   -  https://apps.splunk.com/app/1457/#/documentation

For Project Honey Pot specific qns, you can reach out the team via http://www.projecthoneypot.org/contact_us.php
for their faq, can check out - http://www.projecthoneypot.org/faq.php

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