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Signing into ebay on just one PC .WHY?

I have not used a certain Windows 7 PC for a few months and could not sign into ebay. I changed the passwrd several times. I called ebay and they said they could do no more for me. I cleaned Firefox cache with theeir customer suppoert.  My old 2007 Win XP PCread the pasword change easily but it is on its last legs. The newer Home-Built one will not read the new password in FF, Opera, or Internet explorer but it reads it on ech in the XP computer. If this XP PC dies on me (sooner than later), I will lose a huge amount of work not to mention business. Can an expert tell what could have caused this to happen on this PC with only about 20 hours on it. I used it on EBay a bit this summer and in 2013. when I was on it and tried to log into EB, it did not recognize my PW and I had to change it to no avail, other than the older PC recognized the changed PW This is A huge problem for me and I hope the answer is simple one,

Thanks in advance,
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Rich Weissler

Are you blocking Silverlight or Active X?  (Do you have Silverlight installed on the Windows 7 machine?)  I ask because, during login last night, Ebay asked for permission to access Silverlight.. and it's the first time I can remember Ebay asking for that program before.
maybe you are using a different keyboard lyout on your XP. And  a special character is not enteres properly on the other PCs. try to enter the passwort as you think you have it on ebay in a normal text input field so that you can read it (not dotted out). Does it shows corretly on the other PCs?

You also should do this on the XP-PC, even the Layout might be same, the function of one key may be different.

The text shon in the Input-boxes on XP and the other PCs should be exactly the same.
If this XP PC dies on me, I will lose a huge amount of work not to mention business.
Before you give another thought to logging into ebay, you should and must backup everything on your XP machine (and any data on your newer machine).
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Thank You guys.
I will check into all That 3 things you say, but I got  a crazy silverlight question also on the problem PC. How do I unblock active X? What should I do ? update it? and allow it? Or disable it? Uninstall it? Do I really need it? (Silverlight)
I do use adobe Flash also. Sorry for all the questions. I used to know the answers to them all in the past ...Old Age/memory issues

"Eirman" Why?

Thanks again
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It may be worth trying an alternative browser on the problem Windows 7 machine. If that works, then one can try resetting the problem browser settings to see if that fixes the problem.

PS: I assume you've tried the usual clearing of cache and cookies?
Thanks you.  I will try all this PM. I do not think Java is updated. I am learning I hope. back later
I can recommend removing Java unless it is essential to you -
OH Oh. Remove Java? someone else said keep it and update it. I think it might be required on ebay. Do not remember
As I subscribe to How to Geek after reading his article How to Protect Yourself From Java Security Problems if You Can’t Uninstall It
I have uninstalled java on my system as i don't need it and will temporarily install when using programs that require it.
This way I always have the latest version
I have no problems with Ebay or Pay Pal.
Javascript enabled is required with Pay Pal when you have java installed in a browser you would need to enable the java script then but Java for users, is not required for ebay.
If you have Java so long as it's patched and up to date

Critical Patch Updates are collections of security fixes for Oracle products. They are available to customers with valid support contracts. They are released on the Tuesday closest to the 17th day of January, April, July and October. The next four dates are:
20 January 2015
14 April 2015
14 July 2015
20 October 2015
Starting with the October 2013 Critical Patch Update, security fixes for Java SE are released under the normal Critical Patch Update schedule.
A pre-release announcement will be published on the Thursday preceding each Critical Patch Update release.
The Critical Patch Updates released to date are listed in the following table.
 There are lots of applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed, and more are created every day
Further reading when you google do you need it
Java: should you remove it?
Tanks Merete. I have tried  all suggestions but yours. In hospital away from PC.  Thats why away so long. Just home today.Strangely , Back in and I am having surgery on Jan 20, date of next update. One question then I will close this. May I do the October updatenow ?....altho I believe I am up to date on them . I will study your suggested sites. I AM running a win 7 machinne that wont take my ebay password. Iphone and every  laptop or win XP PC ;several of them all take it. But the one I built 2 years ago, but have been away6 from for about 9 months. 9 mos ago it was ok my main PC for Ebay work.
Thanks Donnie
Hello Donnie, sounds awful all that surgery hope you mend quickly.
Have you typed up your password to a text then copy and paste it to ensure it is correct. ebay does have a lockout if too many failed attempts.
Are you using your email address or your  username to log in?
Do you remember or were you aware of the breach with ebay earlier this year and all Ebay members were sent an email and a link to reset their passwords for security. This is not for PayPal.
Ask eBay to send your password to your email address. Enter your user ID and click 'Continue'. The email you receive will give you a link to reset your password.
Note: You may need to answer your secret question and at least one other question related to your account.
Once logged in change your password , at the top My Ebay click on that then account
Then Personal information>password>edit
 then log out  top left
close your browser and reopen and log in again using the copy and paste from a text.
Ask eBay to send your user ID to your email address. Enter your email address and click 'Continue'.
Source Ebay Problems signing in
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Best Wishes
3..Did that
4. done all of that ...many varieties of each before I came to EE
5.  Already called one nite early on. Was told there is nothing further we can do for you, Sir. She was stumped.(from IT dept.) KB iswsue I think
Yes i was forced to chage PW several times. work on all PC's except my large spacious powerhouse. I have a feeling it may be a keyboard issue thought it mite interest you to know cap locks was on when I tried to enter my bank to check on PPal deposits. "CAP LOCKS" was the prob and I am thinking same thing since we have tried so much other stuff. Someone DID mention that earlier in this question. Gotta go now (to church to pray for my hip surgery survival) A holy day in my religion today.

MERETE:  Thank you for those well wishes.....and all of you, thanks for your continued support. Will redo all you all have said see what happens then do KB change Hint:...KB is from 1999 usb i think. gotta go.
Sincerely,  Best wishes to all of you. Back later.
Its obvious WHY you shoukd backup your machine and data. XP isnt supported anymore from microsoft. That means you wont get any critical security upgrades anymore.

Even using firefox and updated plugins will not keep you 100% secure,  Your Xp machine may catch a malware at anytime which may rener it unusable.

And a data backup is always necessary. Harddisks may fail. User errors may happen, machines got lost or stolen...
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I got very ill and had surgery and forgot to closre this. have not been on a computer until last week. thank you. and in trouble again.