Microsoft Exchange Self Signed Certificate how to install on local Outlook, security certificate invalid does not match name of site

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I recently had to re-install SBS2008 at a client site.  I can't remember how I setup the self-signed certificate authority on the server in order for Outlook to correctly work without the attached screen shot pop-up.  I have tried 6 ways from sunday to install the certificate.  E-mail works, OWA works, I just need this pop up to go away.  I'm hoping someone more versed in Certificate Authority and exchange could help.

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Depending on the size of your organization a gpo could work for you


So, I did this once with one of the certificates.  It installed just like the webpage said it would.  It's almost although I have an "extra" certificate lingering around.  Like I said, exchange is working.  How can I trace back the certificate that's bogus or un-necessary?
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I have attached a copy of the certificate that complains when launching Outlook.  I have also attached a screen shot of the "good" certificate I have already successfully installed.  Where does the extra one get stored.  I do not see it on the server under the Certification Authority -> Issued Certificates....
See the attached image

The certificate should be present in the Personal -> certificates folder

It should then on EVERY client be installed to the folder where the arrow is pointing.
Did you still need any help with this ?

Let me know if you have any questions and if you were able to resolve this.


No, still questions.  I try and store there on every local computer, however; it doesn't get stored.  Every time I launch outlook, it pops up again.
So the actual solution here should be pushing out the certificate via GPO.

Please try the steps below


I had to google how to do it in Server 2008, but the answer was to push it in the GPO.  Thanks for the help!

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