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Pocket 3G Data Limit

I have a large fleet of Mobile 3G pocket modems. Our service provider will not limit the data on these devices as they love the excess data charges they generate. They have given me some really basic monitoring tools but these are refreshed on a 24 hour basis.
This is not an issue with mobiles as my fleet of mobiles run android and i use the embedded data monitoring with data limit. But i can not find anything to replace my 3G pocket modems with.
There has to be something on the market that can block the data went the device has used its limit.
Anyone have any suggestions
Thank you
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I don't know what your ISP provides, but I have such a USB card.

I pay a basic rate for a normal amount of usage. I then pay $5 per month for the right to move to the next flat rate tiers for excess data. This works. So I pay $60 a year for insurance, but if I go over (and I have), I do not pay incremental data charge - just the charge for the next tier.

See if your provided offers such a plan.
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Here in Australia there are 2 big Telcos. Telstra and optus.
Optus does offer options  like i incremental data charge but there coverage is very poor.
Telstra has great coverage but dose not offer any way to avoid heavy excess charges.

This issue will need to be solved on the hardware side not through the Telco
The USB key I have cannot be blocked in hardware at a specific limit.

There has to be something on the market that can block the data went the device has used its limit  <--- WHY?  

I suggest you work out a base rate and make employees financially liable for overages.
There are so many devices on the market but none that limit data. Android can limit traffic went a data limit is reached I find it hard to believe that there is no 3g routers that do the same
If you need to do it, use Android phones and hook them up to the computers for internet.
Also, a comparison of a smart phone with a 3/4G card is an apples and oranges comparison.

The phone is a small computer and the limits (if any) are applied in software, not the network hardware. There are no limits on my iPhone that I know of.

The 3/4G card hardware is likewise non-limiting. I did look in the software for my card and there is no limit there either. That is done by the ISP.
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