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Hi there, I have a server that shows its NETBIOS name as domain-domain.co.uk but to join the domain from the workstation you just join SERVERNAME not the .co.uk
The problem is if I use the main server as the DNS they cant view their own website as the server thinks its hosting it. What's the best way to correct this?
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My first inclination was to say to create a DNS entry for the website.  

That being said, I think we need more information.  Is this an intranet or extranet?  Is the website domain name the same as the Active Directory domain name?
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
Intranet and yes it is thanks for your help
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
You say create a DNS entry, what type and where?
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I'm assuming you have an internal DNS server.  Since your sample AD domain is "domain-domain.co.uk" on your AD DNS servers you should have a forward lookup zone called "domain-domain.co.uk".

In that zone, you'd create an A (host) record that has the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name, the full path to the server) of "intranet.domain-domain.co.uk" which has the IP address of the server that is hosting the website.  

Alternatively, you could create a CNAME (alias) record that has the FQDN of "intranet.domain-domain.co.uk" which points to a DNS A record of the server hosting the website, e.g. "webserver.domain-domain.co.uk" which in turn points to the IP address of the hosting server.
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
Yes we use the  main server as the DNS server. I may have got this a little confused as its not an intranet. Its our online store that if I point the workstations DNS at the server I lose the ability to see it. If I change the IP address to point DNS at the router all is fine. We don't host the website internally. i have DNS entries with domain-domain.co.uk so should i just edit that to the IP address of the hosting? Or would this break the internal DNS?
We need a clearer picture.

You have a domain-domain.co.uk.  You have an online store called (for example) store.domain-domain.co.uk.

store.domain-domain.co.uk has an external (public) IP address, let's use as an example.

Can your workstations get to that website if they put or  If they can, then we know that the routing is correct.

If the workstations are pointing to your internal DNS server for your active directory domain, let's call it DC1 with an IP of  

This server, in it's DNS database, should have a forward lookup zone called domain-domain.co.uk.  In that forward lookup zone, you need to create an A record for store.domain-domain.co.uk pointing to

That should allow any internal equipment that is pointing to DC1 ( to resolve store.domain-domain.co.uk to
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
Ok sorry online store is a normal hosted store at hosted IP address. Some how the internal DNS has got domain-domain.co.uk in the NETBIOS so If I switch the DNS server to the internal 192.168.0.x all works but then I cant reach the hosted website?
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
For some reason the server is showing its NetBIOS name as domain-domain.co.uk but you have to join the domain with the NetBIOS we gave it but only capable with a fixed IP address if pointing DNS at server?
Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but you're not making any sense.  What is the problem you are trying to address?

Are you trying to address the fact that you can't get to the hosted online store?

Are you trying to address how you connect users to your domain?

NetBIOS and DNS are two different things.
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
Sorry if i setup the domain users in dhcp with the correct settings that allow full usage of internal domain inc mapped drives they cant surf to their website
Okay.  Have you added the A record to your DNS server?
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
I added record and removed the one pointing at the server, restarted but still no luck cant browse online website?
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
If I ping the domain on another machine and use the IP address it responds with to go to on site I get a plesk page
I don't follow you.  What do you mean you removed the one pointing at the server?  What server?  You have to be more specific.  Are you saying that you have two different servers that you're trying to access with the same FQDN?

What's a plesk page?
grovenetsupportAuthor Commented:
The problem didn't get resolved so server was rebuilt and all is happy. Thanks for all your help though

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