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Citrix XenApp profile issue

We have a Citrix Xen-App 6.5 farm with 9 servers.  Users use the web client to connect and launch apps, including MS Office 2010.

We have a user that consistently complains that his recent files list in Excel, word, etc.. is not being saved with his profile.  He uses the 'pinned' feature of the recent files list.  

It is as of his changes are not saved...his pinned list does not stay consistently as he saves it...upon subsequent logins.

What are some things to check?
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Thanks.  Where in the xenapp profile would the MS Office recent file info be stored?
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yes all citrix session\app config store under citrix profile.
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We are still struggling with this, even after a profile reset for this one user.  Can you tell me where exactly in the users profile these MS Office settings (pinned recent files list) would be stored?  This is driving us nuts and we are frustrated.
can you try to reset windows\citrix profile and check