How to make back visible extensions in directories?

I made some unwise changes to my windows8.1 registry base.
Now, for all folders the name of which contains a dot, everything after the dot (and the dot iself) do not display, which frightened me a lot at first when I could not find my .git folders!

Additional info:
In "folders options", I have already checked that
-- "display hidden files and folders" is selected
-- "hide files with a known extension" is NOT selected
-- "hide protected OS files" is NOT selected

The directories display normally in DOS bowes
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Bernard S.CTOAsked:
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Since this is after a registry change you will have to remove that change since it is over writing the windows explorer settings. You could try
"display hidden files and folders" de select it
"hide files with a known extension" select it
"hide protected OS files" select it
then reboot and then undo the above and see if that will fix it

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Did you export the registry key/s prior so you can merge them back in and undo?
Tried a system restore?
I'm still on windows 7 please check this how to
How To Use System Restore in Windows 8 or 8.1
Try fix mentioned in below link
It might help
I havn't tested it.
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I wonder whether you changed this option in the "Current_User" part of the registry, where it only affects you when logged on as you, or whether you altered the "Local_Machine" part of the registry whereby it affects all users that log on?

Have you tried logging on as another user to see whether the .GIT suffixes on the folder names is visible under that other profile?  You would obviously have to ensure that your folders that are named like this are visible to other users.

Are any of the folder names long enough that you would see whether they have been truncated to 8 characters excluding the 3 character "extension"?

Did you ADD a NEW registry value, or did you MODIFY and EXISTING value?

It's going to be pretty difficult for us to try and figure out what registry value you changed unless you can recall something that might act as a clue.
Yes I agree with you BillDl.
It could be  in windows explorer since >>all folders the name of which contains a dot, everything after the dot (and the dot itself) do not display, >>.git folders!
Since this folder directory is created by Git
is Git capable of recreating a new directory? or associating these folders again? We don't windows explorer folders to get messed up.
 See what's inside your .git directory and below that is a list of references for your level of expertise.
Git In Five Minutes
Finding the path where Git is installed on a Windows system
Git installer Read Me
Looking at the list of choices for registry keys Mahesh linked maybe this one>
Directory            Directory protocol associations
Bernard S.CTOAuthor Commented:
Thx all for your suggestions.
I'm trying to keep possibly dangerous solutions at the bottom of my list.
- @Lionel: this is the safest, so I started here. Does work partially: now, only the "extension part" of folders names (ie, what is after the last dot) is hidden, while I think I remember that previously the folder names were hidden after the first dot.
- @Merete: I forgot to take a backup, while I'm usually slightly on the paranoid side. System restore is on my list, but currently at the bottom.
- @Mahesh: good link. I will review the changes they propose for folders
- @Bill: what I did was stupid... but of course did not look such for me at the time! Let me enumarate some of my errors to describe the process which led me here
  = I had downloaded emule from an apparently safe source, but in fact this installed lots of additional crap instead (Priceless, HQVu, "googleupdate.exe" (more precisely something similar) and some others I don't even remember the name,).
 = I uninstalled everything I could thru regular windows uninstall and ccleaner for those I could not... but this left lots of programs, browsers add-ins etc
 = I killed in \programs, programdata and appsdata eveything that seemed related (using folders creation date as the main criteria)
 = I then used ccleaner to clean deleted files, remove browsers add-ins, and checked the registry, wiped everything clearly related
 = then forgetting it was late B-( I decided to clean the registry base (and, of course, forgot the elementary precaution to make a backup). Looked for all occurrences of "googleupdate.exe" (which is not! google\update.exe)... but probably deleted too aggressively elements which contained that). Did the same for "priceless".

Just for now, everything looks fine, except that I probably deleted the keys that defined what to display for folders

- @Merete2: only the folder name is not visible in Windows explorer, but the folder is visible! So I can access its content, and using git is not a problem (the folder is here, whether I see or not its name). The trouble is greater when looking at a directory which holds several .dotted directories: I can check the names with the dos box, but if I want to select a folder with windows explorer it is slightly more difficult (but possible)

To illustrate the problem, look below at the attached screen captures: the same directory in windows explorer and a dosbox. Note that all directories names are displayed "up to the last dot"
windows-explorer-folders.pngDos Box: dosbox-explorer-folders.png
Bernard S.CTOAuthor Commented:
B-) Problem in fact solved using Lionel's suggestion.
- I had launched Windows Explorer, changed options for folders display: the result was the one displayed in the screen capture above.
- I launched another instance of Windows Explorer, and now everything is back to normal.

So the solution would be
- open windows explorer, make folders extensions and system folders invisible, close
- reboot
- open windows explorer, restore folders extensions ans system folders visibility as wanted
- close windows explorer
- open windows explorer, all should be OK now.

Thx all for your highly valuable contributions.
Bernard S.CTOAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 350 points for lionelmm's comment #a40463768
Assisted answer: 50 points for Merete's comment #a40463783
Assisted answer: 50 points for Mahesh's comment #a40463795
Assisted answer: 50 points for BillDL's comment #a40463924
Assisted answer: 0 points for fibo's comment #a40464183

for the following reason:

Lionel gets the most points, since his solution was riskless and the first.
Contribution by Merete, Mahesh and Bill are worthwhile also, and should be coonsidered in cases where Lionel's solution does not work
Excellent news fibo.  I'm glad you got this fixed.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
glad to help--did you request the question be closed or did you accept my suggestion as a solution--it looks like you requested a close--please verify--thank you and good luck
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
questioner may have mistakenly requested a close instead of an acceptance--see the closing comment
Bernard S.CTOAuthor Commented:
Not sur I'm "accepting" now: I have followed the same steps as before, and they match to the RTFM for multiple comments.
The only point that is different is that previously I had also selected my comment (with 0 points) as part of the solution since it summarized the complete solution.
I am not now.
If things stay the same... let's keep the things going, eveything will get fine within 3 days, let's spend time somewhere else
Thank you fibo
Fibo thank you from me too glad I could help :)
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