What is the major difference between redolog and archivelog.
jeevan mathewdbaAsked:
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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
simple definition: archivelogs are redologs that have been saved.

more verbose:
If your database is not running in archive log mode, then you will not generate archive logs, but you will still have online redo logs.

If your databse is running in archive log mode and you fill your redo logs, then, when your database needs to reuse one of the online logs it will copy the old redo file to an archive log file and then reuse the online file for new transaction records.

to further elaborate, I recommend the Concepts manual

DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
Oracle uses a two-stage write-to-database.  Changed rows are written into a redo log, and periodically a log segment is written to the physical storage (datafile).  Assuming the database is running in archive log mode, the saved redo log is copied to an archive log, after which the redo log may be re-used.  

Copies of an archive log may be written concurrently to one or more directories, on multiple hosts, for redundancy.
jeevan mathewdbaAuthor Commented:
Got it the difference.
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