We are running Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 and Windows 2003 server. Users keep complaining about internet explorer 8? Can we run anything more current?

Some web sites say they are no longer compatible with I.E. version 8?  Can you safely run the current google chrome or firefox or the more current verison of I.E. Thanks
Gloria BurtPresidentAsked:
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Depends on the website, if it was built specifically to run in IE8 you may have some issues else any modern browser (they are all pretty much the same now)
Gloria BurtPresidentAuthor Commented:
I just got a call from a user who said at least twice a day, she clicks on a web site that says her version of i.e. is not compataible and then she can do what ever she wants unless she does it outside of i.e. 8.  g
Gloria BurtPresidentAuthor Commented:
I would like to say, just use chrome as your default browser or just upgrade the I.e.8 to 9 or 10.  Hoping someone has a similar situation.

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call from a user
Who exactly are your users? Is this in an intranet or the average Joe Bloggs
Anyone can update their browser unless they are on XP or lower in which case you would need to install Chrome or FF.
Gloria BurtPresidentAuthor Commented:
They are logged into Ctirix Presentation Server 4.5 on a Windows 2003 server.    The server is in a different location.
I can't find anything to say they support IE9 or above and I don't think it's supported in server 2003 anyway, there is some talk of Chrome working fine which is probably your only option.

You could try Chrome and see how it works.
Just confirmed it, IE8 is the highest you can go on Windows Server 2003 so looks like you are stuck with seeing if Chrome works

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Gloria BurtPresidentAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Gloria
Gloria BurtPresidentAuthor Commented:
We are using Chrome now with mostly no complaint.
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