"portfast" can connect with switch or not

hello Experts
below is the extract from Cisco web site, i am a little puzzled, the "portfast" port could or could not connected with a switch?

thank you

PortFast causes a switch or trunk port to enter the spanning tree forwarding state immediately, bypassing the listening and learning states.

You can use PortFast on switch or trunk ports that are connected to a single workstation, switch, or server to allow those devices to connect to the network immediately, instead of waiting for the port to transition from the listening and learning states to the forwarding state.

Caution  You can use PortFast to connect a single end station or a switch port to a switch port. If you enable PortFast on a port that is connected to another Layer 2 device, such as a switch, you might create network loops.
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You should use "spanning-tree portfast" option only on ports with end-points connected (workstations, servers, printers). On ports where you have additional network device (hub,switch) do NOT use portfast.

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beardog1113Author Commented:
You can use PortFast on switch or trunk ports that are connected to a single workstation, switch, or server to allow those devices to connect to the network immediately

for this sentence does it mean trunk mode port can be connect with switch?
or it is different meaning of this sentence?
or "switch" not meaning switch?

thank you
To prevent loops from occuring in a network, the spanning tree PortFast mode should be configured only on nontrunking access ports because these ports typically do not transmit or receive BPDUs. The most secure implementation of PortFast is to enable it only on ports that connect end stations to switches.
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In agreement with Matt, switch means switch L2 device. Sentence gates you can enable portfast on an interface connected to another switch but you run the risk of creating a network loop.
beardog1113Author Commented:
if i have bpdu guard enabled, may i connect "portfast" port with a switch?

thank you
if i have bpdu guard enabled, may i connect "portfast" port with a switch?
You can and it is safe to implement portfast that way.

Also, you can set porfast if you connect some third party unmanaged switch that has connected host devices, since those small switches don't send BPDU (STP is not present usually on those switches). BPDU guard with portfast is recommended also in that case, since if you create a loop in network with unmanaged switch switch will receive its own BPDU (or any other BPDU) and port will enter error-disabled state.

So, sure you can do that, but ... is it safe and for what purpose is better question?
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
"can" means is possible.   As in: It is possible to configure portfast on an interface which will be connected to another switch.  Because it's possible doesn't make it a good idea.

Conversely, you can not connect an RJ-45 plug into an SFP socket.
beardog1113Author Commented:
thank you all
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