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Filter outgoing email contents - hosted Exchange service

Just migrated a customer to a hosted Exchange 2013 service from an in-house Exchange 2003.

A month after the successful migration a filtering requirement has come to light that I wasn't made aware of before the migration i.e. they need to block outgoing emails that contain 16 digit strings (credit card numbers).

Previously they had used an external filtering service that provided this functionality.

Unfortunately the Exchange host they've moved to is not able to provide this functionality.

So we have two options as far as I can see...

1. Migrate them again to a service that does provide the necessary filtering - the reason for choosing the current supplier is that they stipulated the requirement for a UK data centre.
2. Find some way to do this via Outlook rules - although this doesn't prevent users disabling the rule and it won't work for OWA as far as I'm aware.

Anybody got any bright ideas?
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Further to this - we would be able to block access to OWA - so would just need to scan outgoing Outlook emails on the local machine.
A bit more...they have Symantec Endpoint Protection...wondering if the Outlook plugin can be used for this.
Try to use Transport rules.
As per original post - they are using a hosted Exchange service so do not have access to transport rule manipulation.
Do you have access to antispam? Try to use antispam for outgoing email.
Yes, I've looked at this but there current local package doesn't offer anything.

I have since come across the Symantec Data Loss Prevention plugin - presume this provides similar functionality to the new DLP features of Exchange 2013, so that might do it.
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which version of windows server do they have? As they could use Active Directory Rights Management Services
Not familiar with this - they're using 2012 R2.
Hey devon,

What is the business requirement for a UK data center? If it is a compliance requirement I am sure Office 365 meets this.

Office 365 does all of what you are asking and at no additional cost. You could have these rules configured in minutes. They have templates for this. Sometimes cost outweighs the original business need.

Gareth - as far as I know Office 365 runs from Ireland.

Customer stores financial information and its customers (who are banks) stipulate all data should remain in the UK.  Small amounts of data can be sent via encrypted email attachments.
Office 365 has data centers all over the world. They generally put you in the datacenter closest to you. But it is possible they could move you around. I'll have to defer to other experts. Not sure of providers in the UK.
Office 365 will only stipulate that it will remain within the EU but not within any country
I have asked them specifically about this a few years ago and they said all data for UK customers would be held in Ireland.  This may now have changed with data held in various EU countries as David says, but there is a distinct requirement that the data be held in the UK - so for the moment we can't use Office365.

David - are you able to elaborate a bit about how we could use AD RMS to accomplish what we need.  Having had a cursory look at this it appears to be quite a large and complex system - I'm wondering if it's going to be worth the man hours to implement.  However, if it's fairly straightforward to just setup the specific functionality we need then it could be the best option.
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