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One Client on Windows Domain Intermittently Drops Good IP and gets 169. IP

Small Windows domain with one DC. DC is the only DHCP server on network. One client on the network is randomly dropping (multiple times throughout the day) its IP and then coming up with a 169. IP thereby dropping the network connection. ipconfig /renew just hangs. Disable/enable the network adapter comes up with a good IP again.

MODEM ---->  FIREWALL ( -----> SERVER ( -----> DHCP CLIENTS (.50-.99)

Background: Recent issues with server/network in last month. Blue screens and network dropouts. I think possible power outage related. Maybe a half-fried network port (on-board) on server (not yet replaced) and a half-fried switch (which we've since replaced). I was trying to plan for a possible replacement of the server with new hardware so I virtualized our existing server (bad idea). I think in the process I may have confused the hell out of our network (suddenly had 2 DHCP servers on the network). I fixed those issues but now have this one remaining problem client. Any help much appreciated.
Windows Server 2003DHCPNetwork Operations

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