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Cisco QoS Policy Question

Hello Experts,

Can someone show me how to configure a QoS policy that will limit traffic between to devices to a certain bandwidth. For example, the bandwidth on a link may be 10mb, however we want to only 2mb between DeviceA and DeviceB.

I know that QoS usually only gets invoked if the bandwidth on a link has reached a certain threshold, however I would like to set a QoS policy that will set the limit to 2mb between to devices regardless of of the available bandwidth.


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What type of devices are we talking about, Cisco, switches, a node and a switch, etc?
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Hi Tolin,

Thanks for responding.

These are nodes.

Yes but the QoS will be set on a firewall or switch usually.
Hi Tolin,

Sorry for the delayed response.

The QoS will be set on our router.

I just need a policy that will limit the amount of traffic between two devices, and the policy is to be applied on the router.

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Are the two devices on the same subnet or different subnets?
If on separate subnets:

ip access-list extended limit_2b
permit ip host x.x.x.x host y.y.y.y

class-map match limit2mb
match access-list limit_2mb

policy-map TEST
class limit2m
police cir 2000000

interface fax/x
service-policy input TEST
Hi Soulja

Thanks for that.

I will test the policy when I get to work tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

I just have one question. Will the be invoked regardless whether the link is fully utilised or not?  As you QoS policies are only invoked if the link has reached full capacity.

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