How to access an access point with a different gateway address?

I am using a Buffalo WHR-300HP2D  running DD-WRT firmware.  The router gateway is

I want to add a Linksys WAP54G wireless access point.  The access point claims an address of  I cannot access it at that IP address.  Tried; no good.  I have used a scanner from 192.168.0 through 192.168.255 and through and both scans do not find the access point.

So I also tried connecting the access point to my PC with a cross over cable; same results.  The WAP54G has been hard reset with the reset button.  Can't figure out any other way to connect to it.  So I need two things:

1.  Connection to the WAP54G, then
2.  How to change its IP address to 192.168.11,something

Ultimately I want to connect a Chromecast through the access point.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAsked:
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If you take a computer and connect it to the LAN side of the WAP54G are you not getting an IP address?  Try a straight through cable if the crossover cable doesn't work. Connect, open a DOS window and type in ipconfig at the C prompt.  Your gateway should be the WAP54G.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Well, at least I'm getting something.

Did as you suggest, and the return was:
IP address is 169.354.134.60;
Subnet of
and default gateway is blank.
MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
You will need to give your device a static ip on the same range when directly connected to the AP you should then be able to ping it and edit the config.

If the AP IP is ( give your  device an IP of

Edit: a normal network cable should work, most devices auto crossover these days.
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Yeah, that is the silly Windows Private IP addressing.  It won't work with that.
Try what Mike said.  Static IP using subnet mask  with a gateway of

Then try opening a browser page to

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MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
You shouldn't need the gateway on the client as you aren't doing any routing, it won't hurt having it but it's not required.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
How do I set the subnet?
MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
It's the second field on the network card properties under tcp/ip, assuming you mean on the pc that is?
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
And how to set the gateway?
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Ah; let me look
MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
You don't need a gateway, you will for the AP when you configure it but not for your PC..
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Marjj, that worked fine.  I am not into the AP.  So the next step is what do I enter into the AP setup so that it will then be on my router, which is at
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Oops:  I am NOW into the AP, not "not".
MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
So you can now ping the AP? If so open a web browser and enter in the address bar, you may need a username and password, check the manual/Google for the defaults. Once in you should be able to set the IP of the AP, again the manual should help here. Once changed remove the static address from your PC and try to connect to the AP on its new address.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
I am actually logged into the AP.  The question is, what settings do I now put into it?  I expect:


MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
The above is correct, assuming you are not already using
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Hmmmm; still won't connect.  Let me do a factory reset and start over.
MikeNetwork & Systems ManagerCommented:
Ok, don't forget though once you change the IP on the AP you will need to connect both it and your PC back to the network and have your PC get an IP address from your router before you can access it.
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