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I can not find the QTP category to post this in....  so I am posting this in SAP and other

I am setting up some testing in QTP (HP QuickTest Pro / HP Quality Center). I made edits to the default.xls so that my datatables have the most current copy of the test plan so I do not have to import anything... and when the file opens in QTP it is all there.  Now as I perform the code in the test, it populates a Pass/Fail parameter for each line item of the test and we are going down the list sequentially and populating based on test results.

Sheet name to TestPlan and the first parameter on that sheet is "Task" and there is a naming convention there. TP01.01, TP01.02, 03 .. and so on.

Issue is when coding it, it is cell specific, so after a test is preformed it places pass or fail in parameter "PassFail" on the "TestPlan" sheet. We all know that the TestPlan gets shifted about and folks want to add, take away and move tasks around.

If we have the result determined in a variable called "TaskResult", is there a way to search the QTP sheet for that task, when found enter the value of TaskResult in the parameter "PassFail" of the row? This way it does not matter the sequence the task are coded in.  It is similar to the use of offset active.cell in Excel.  It is driven by the written tests that are occurring by the code. If that Task is not coded yet, I can put a default of "NotCoded" in the cell that are left in the PassFail parameter that are blank.

Has anyone done this before? and is there any suggested code that I could use for this? Trying to get a design direction on how to get around having to statically assigning values in a datatable.

Please advise and thanks.
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