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Problem to find out the detailed steps

Within the existing backup procedures (I mean the current documents that are giving details of the backup steps), I can see there're files with the extensions like .rcv, .bat. But I never see the detailed steps which are mentioning the steps to create the .dmp files. where can I find out the steps to generate the .dmp files?
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David Johnson, CD
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are you referring to windows dmp files (memory dump files)??
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I do not see the steps (in the relevant document) of the Backup procedure, which is to generate the .dmp files
what document are you referring to ???
The one for our own DB backup procedure.
we can't see your own backup procedure

in general .dmp files are create with exp or expdp
I know, but I do not see such commands within .bat and .rcv files, which are doing the DB backup.
neither can i
where can I find out the details that are generating the .dmp file?
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As stated already, they really can come from anywhere.  We don't know your backup procedure.  Everyone's backups are unique.

In addition to other suggestions, they could be from a scheduled job within the database as well.

Personally, I don't like exports as backups.  You cannot roll them forward.
as long as you don't provide details of your backup
we can 't give good advice