How can I share my 22 inch display with two devices?

I have a notebook and a desktop connected to a 22 inch HP display via VGA and DVI respectively. Only rarely do I have the need to use both at the same time and thus switch back and forth . . . as far as which one I want to see on my display. I have a small hardware device (USB) that allows me to switch back and forth very easily with my wireless keyboard and mouse. It's the switching of the actual graphics output that I'm having a problem with. HP included some software with the display that is supposed to make this happen . . . but it is very unreliable and clumsy to use. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as something that would work for me? I would prefer to find a software solution, i.e. something I can install on both my notebook and desktop and it just works. If nothing is available, however, I guess I'm open to a hardware solution as well. Thanks!
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I have a hardware device at home that works with wired kb and mouse, and it switches display and kb/mouse with the scroll lock key ... I think there are many solutions like that out there ... but that's not your preferred thing, I presume, due to the fact that you mentioned "a software solution" and "wireless".

How about using remote desktop to control one machine via the other ?

It's included in Windows, simple to use and supported in Linux (seen it on the server side in Suse). There are lots of infos on that topic on the net, i.e. HERE
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Some monitors have the ability to switch between the D-SUB input and DVI input via a press of a button on the monitor itself. I do this at work all the time when I'm setting up a new server that's plugged into one of my other monitors.

What's the model number of your monitor? Post it here and I'll see what I can find out for you.

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AaronSystems Administrator & DSTCommented:
You could get a small KVM switch or and old school AB switch. You would plug both computers video output to the device then the device goest to the monitor. Simple press of the button will switch which output is used.

This one is for $6.06 and free shipping. Simple press of the button beats any software. You can find all kinds of more fancy models but I think this is what you are looking for.
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Thunderman54Author Commented:
My problem is I need to go in with both a vga cable and a dvi cable and then out with the same. I'd have to check as to the exact type dvi connectors I have. Have you seen any like that?
Thunderman54Author Commented:

Well I'll be. I do have the ability to switch via a button on the monitor itself. I thought I had checked that way back when I bought this monitor a couple years ago. Good deal! Thanks for suggesting that. I'm good to go now. :)
AaronSystems Administrator & DSTCommented:
Well you only need one cable going into the monitor from the device. The issue of one of the computers having a DVI is a quick fix with a DVI to VGA cable. That way you have same form going in. I think to buy multiple in's for a converter would be possible but you only usually have One output.

Here is the cable you would need for the DVI PC
Thunderman54Author Commented:
Thanks !!
AaronSystems Administrator & DSTCommented:
Well that's good saves you like 10-12$ if it is built in.
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