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exchange 2007 error There is currently no route to the mailbox database


i have an organisation with 5 exchange 2007 server (hub, cas and mailkbox) and 8 exhcange 2013 server (mailbox+CAS).

i installed a new server with exchange 2007 with role (mailbox and cas) to host a few pop3 mailbox user.

when i test email from user on exchange 2013 to one use on this new server, the email stuck on queue with:
There is currently no route to the mailbox database

any help plz?
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Rajitha Chimmani
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Whay do you mean?  I can send email from mailbox on this server but not receive it.

I think i need to add a route to this new exchange 2007 but dont now how i can do this
I meant adding an older version to an environment which was already upgraded might have an effect. But, I did mention I was not sure.

You dont have to add any new route. All routing within same Exchange configuration is based on AD topology only. However, if you have any receive connectors on other Exchange 2007 servers you got to create them in the new server also. Receive connectors are scoped only to the server.
Ok i understand but new exchange 2007 server have only mailbox role and cas role, i have no hub role on it.
Oops..I missed that. In that case, Exchange 2013 will route the email to one of the other Exchange 2007 Hub server and then finally reaches the mailbox. Have you tried sending email from Exchange 2007 user?
Yes email'from'user on this exchange 2007 is ok because i use other exchange 2007 hub.
The problem is email to user on this mailbox server (exchange 2007)

this morning all email sended last night are received and all email i send this morning received immediatly, dont now why its correct it self!

yes to resolve this i have add exchange 2007 hub server