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Web Hosting only on 1&1 with External Domain (and External Email)

Due to the DNS editing limitations of 1&1 I wish to register my many of my clients domains with another Registrar whilst still using 1&1 to host the website.

Ultimately I may transfer all the websites to another host however due to the large number of them this is not going to happen quickly.

In addition I do NOT wish to use 1&1 email – I will be using Microsoft Online Exchange hence the main reason for wanting to do this as 1&1 does not support the DNS records required.

The only instructions I can find for an externally controlled domain implies that you have to transfer control of both the webhosting AND email to 1&1 using a CNAME.  I want to use the web hosting only. (Do not suggest I modify the 1&1 MX as I wish to control these on the Registrar’s control panel).

The standard way of doing this is to point the A record to an external IP address but apparently 1&1 does not support using a 1&1 IP address in an external A record

How can I achieve using 1&1 for web hosting only?  Or, is it not possible?
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