Web Hosting only on 1&1 with External Domain (and External Email)

Due to the DNS editing limitations of 1&1 I wish to register my many of my clients domains with another Registrar whilst still using 1&1 to host the website.

Ultimately I may transfer all the websites to another host however due to the large number of them this is not going to happen quickly.

In addition I do NOT wish to use 1&1 email – I will be using Microsoft Online Exchange hence the main reason for wanting to do this as 1&1 does not support the DNS records required.

The only instructions I can find for an externally controlled domain implies that you have to transfer control of both the webhosting AND email to 1&1 using a CNAME.  I want to use the web hosting only. (Do not suggest I modify the 1&1 MX as I wish to control these on the Registrar’s control panel).

The standard way of doing this is to point the A record to an external IP address but apparently 1&1 does not support using a 1&1 IP address in an external A record

How can I achieve using 1&1 for web hosting only?  Or, is it not possible?
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I assume you registered the domains with 1&1?
You need to get a release code from the current registrar, then on the new registrar you use this code to authorise the transfer - you may have to pay for this, cannot off the top of my head remember which TLD's are free, think all the .coms are a free transfer
Once transferred you can set up all your DNS records, nameservers etc to point to your hosting on 1&1 and that includes your MX records to point to the Exchange server.
ianmal2Author Commented:
Yes I registered the domains with 1&1.
OK you are obviously not aware.  1&1 does not support adding TXT/SPF to the DNS.  Nor does it allow CNAME and A records at the same tine, one or the other.  Both of which are required for Exchange online.
I have transfered a domain to another hosting service/Registrar which is fine but 1&1 does not support using an A record with an IP address to point back to 1&1 where the website is hosted. That is the problem.
I thought you wanted to transfer your domains away from 1&1?

does not support using an A record with an IP address to point back to 1&1
Really? They have no control over your nameservers.
If you set your nameservers (at the new registrar) to the IP of your website they don't have a say in it
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ianmal2Author Commented:
Yes I do but there are a large number of websites. So what I want to do is transfer the Domain to a Registrar which allows full DNS editing while  still hosting the website on 1&1 as a temporary basis.  I have clients where I host their website currently on 1&1 but wish to transfer to Microsoft Exchange Online.
I'm looking here...

and don't see what the problem is, just add your own nameservers and set up the dns at the other company.
ianmal2Author Commented:
OK, I am obviously not understanding. Can you take me through the steps. Starting position is I have a domain registered with 1&1 and the website is hosted by 1&1.  Lets assume I have transferred the domain to another registrar who gives me full DNS editing, however the website is still resident in a folder on 1&1.   In most other situations like this you would simply point the A record back to the Host where the website resides. 1&1 does not allow this as far as I am aware.
Well, sorry, after a bit more research you are right, they have some internal mechanism to block it which is really pathetic.
The last thing you want is your DNS hosted with the same company as your hosting (well in general anyway)
I can see why they want the domains, from the bad reviews, because its a pain in the arse to move everything and people just don't bother with the hassle.

I don't know what else to suggest apart from get yourself a VPS, cheap enough in the UK and you control everything and get the hell away from 1&1. The likes of OVH are cheap as chips but unmanaged.
ianmal2Author Commented:
Thanks for trying to help.   I have now signed up with a new hosting company and will gradually move everything away from 1&1.

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ianmal2Author Commented:
There is no solution to my original question.
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