Is there a way to remove the "Send to Bluetooth" add-in from Microsoft Office through group policy or a script?


I am trying to figure out if there is a way to run a script or if we can push something through group policy to remove the "Send to Bluetooth" add-in on all of our Microsoft Office 2010 applications.  We have a custom template that the user's need to run for certain reports, but for some reason the "Send to Bluetooth" add-in breaks the template.  The specific model of the machine we are seeing this on is the HP Elite Book 840 G1.  We have figured out how t disable it through the registry, but that only un-checks the box for "Send to Bluetooth" addin but still leaves the button on the add-ins tab in office.  We want to completely remove this add in from office.
Is there a way to do this using a script or through group policy?

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Michael PfisterCommented:
You can customize the entire menu in Office vie Group Policy, see Customizing Context Menus in Office 2010
mflores1Author Commented:
This is how we added the custom menus to the template.  The problem is that when we detach the template from a word document by assigning it to the normal template, the customizations remain and give error because the VBA macros in the template are no longer available.
Michael PfisterCommented:
First find the btsendto_office.dll:  in Word go to File -> Options -> Add-In and select the "Send to Bluetooth" add-in. Note the path from  "Location" at the lower part of the dialog.

Close  all office applications and unregister the add-in with:

regsvr32 /u "<your path>\btsendto_office.dll"

Open in new window

 If you want re-register the add-in:

regsvr32 "<your path>\btsendto_office.dll"

Open in new window

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mflores1Author Commented:
I tried this but I get an error saying "The module c:\Program failed to load".  My boss had already tried this though and he said all it does is disable the button.   It doesn't remove the button from the ribbon.
Michael PfisterCommented:
You have to enclose the path to the dll in quotes "
Michael PfisterCommented:
Try changing the registry mentioned in this knowledge base article:
mflores1Author Commented:
I tried both.  I was able to get the regsvr32 to work and it un-registers it, but the button is still on the ribbon.  We want to remove it if possible.  I tried the registry edit, but it doesn't do it either.
Michael PfisterCommented:
No other ideas. I'd still try to remove it via Office policy:

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mflores1Author Commented:
I will try to run through the group policy stuff and see how this works.
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