Extending Storage Partition for Exchange 2010

I have an Exchange 2010 server running on an SBS2011 server and the Exchange Store has become too large for the partition. Mail is stuck in the queue and I am getting an error "The remote pipeline has stopped....."
There is capacity on the virtual disk on the RAID to extend the partition or create a new partition and use the SBS Console to move the Exchange Store to the larger storage. It I try to extend the partition is tells me I need to convert from a basic to a dynamic disk.
What is the best way out of this problem? Create a new partition or extend the existing? Is it OK to have Exchange on a dynamic disk?
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It should not matter and Exchange will work on any disk type. That said, If I had multiple databases and log files stored on that volume I would probably create another larger partition and move some of the databases there.
Milkybar-kidAuthor Commented:
I have discovered that the mailbox database is now dismounted. I need the fastest short term solution to get it running again, would that be extend? I can then get chance to restructure the disk to suit and add an archiving solution.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
can you post a screenshot from disk management?
seems a bit odd that message saying you need to convert to dynamic just trying to extend
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Milkybar-kidAuthor Commented:
I think I may have jumped the gun in my panic to get the store running again. I accepted to convert and added some extra capacity to the Exchange partition and now the store has mounted and the errors have gone away but the partioning of the disk is a bit untidy now.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
can you post a screenshot from disk management?
Milkybar-kidAuthor Commented:
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
you could have created a volume after the temp volume and move exchange databases there instead of converting to a dynamic volume.  too late now; can't natively convert back to basic
you got some 900gb at the end that could have been utilized

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Milkybar-kidAuthor Commented:
Sure. I need to tidy it all up. I started to do as you suggested but decided it was not the fastest option. Is there any detriment to the dynamic option? Can this partition muddle be re-ordered or is it what it is now?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
you could...though it would take time and need to be careful not to make any mistakes; have a good backup first
for exchange, since E is 317gb, you could still create another partition after temp, move exchange databases there, then delete E giving an additional 30gb though it would require downtime to move

what is this storage anyway?  local raid?  guessing C is a 146gb drive
Milkybar-kidAuthor Commented:
Yes C is RAID1 The rest is RAID 5 with 6x 500Gb disks. It has evolved ...
Is it a problem being dynamic now?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
not necessarily; just really isn't any reason to convert a dynamic disk on hardware raid since the purpose of dynamic disks is for software raid
exchange will still function fine
Milkybar-kidAuthor Commented:
I think I now need to take the advice of creating a larger partition and move the exchange database using the SBS Console. I can then tidy up the partitions. I have also asked the users to delete a lot of rubbish and I have set the retention for deleted items to 0 on the mailbox database to see if I can reduce the size.

When the SBS tools move the Exchange database does it take the mailbox database offline?
When the retention for deleted items is set to 0 when does that take effect?
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