Why an I getting a "Syntax" error with the where condition?

I have tried may combinations of the code below, but still get syntax error?

SS_OpenForm("Human_P_T_frm"), ([Event_Description]=" & "'" & [Event_Description] & "'")

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
AFAICT, ...you can try it something like this:
Docmd.OpenForm "Human_P_T_frm",,,[Event_Description]=" & "'" & [Event_Description] & "'"

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Is SS_OpenForm a custom function?  (it would help to see the function declaration).

That said, it looks like your criteria is missing an opening quote, so try this perhaps:

SS_OpenForm  "Human_P_T_frm",  "[Event_Description]=" & "'" & [Event_Description] & "'" 

Open in new window

I learned a good practice (I think) is to use char(34) instead of " when ever it should placed inside another quote
you will always know what " will be inside your string :)
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cssc1Author Commented:
mbizup (SMIB),
   Sorry, but see attached error message with your example.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
It should probably read:

SS_OpenForm("Human_P_T_frm", "[Event_Description] = '" & [Event_Description] & "'")

cssc1Author Commented:
Gustav Brock,
  Please see error.
Thanks and can you think of any other any other options based on what the error says?
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Without knowing the internals of your custom SS_OpenForm function I'm afraid we can't solve this.

Exactly.   We're taking shots in the dark here.

Jeff Coachman's use of the built in OpenForm should do the trick, however, with the assumption that your custom function is simply opening the form and not doing anything else.
cssc1Author Commented:
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