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Returning Multiple Values from AD Query Function

I have a visual basic application which connects to AD, uses the current logged on user's samAccountName to search for the account, and then pulls the extensionAttribute3-9 form the account and displays 1 as text, 3 as comboboxes and 3 as textboxes. However, although I can perform the AD query successfully, I can't get the values to extensionAttribute3-9 to return. Probably because a function can only return 1 result! So how can I get multiple results to be returned? Maybe load the query results into an array, and then return the array? Or some other better method?

My form code to call the function
Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
            Dim currentADUser As System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.UserPrincipal
            currentADUser = System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.UserPrincipal.Current
            Dim DisplayName As String = currentADUser.GivenName & " " & currentADUser.Surname
            Username.Text = DisplayName
            extension3.Text = GetUserProperties()
            extension4TextBox.Text = GetUserProperties()
            extension5ComboBox.SelectedText = GetUserProperties()
        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("No Connection to domain." & Environment.NewLine & "Please connect to corporate network & try again.", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Network Error #1")
        End Try
    End Sub

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My GetUserProperties() function code

 Private Function GetUserProperties()
        Dim ADName As String = GetLogonName()
        Dim bSuccess As Boolean = False
        Dim dirEntry As DirectoryEntry = GetDirectoryEntry()
        Dim dirSearcher As DirectorySearcher = New DirectorySearcher(dirEntry)
        Dim extension3 As Integer
        Dim extension4 As String
        dirSearcher.Filter = ("(samAccountName=" & ADName & ")")
        dirSearcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree
            Dim dirResult As SearchResult = dirSearcher.FindOne()
            bSuccess = Not (dirResult Is Nothing)
            If dirResult Is Nothing OrElse dirResult.GetDirectoryEntry.Properties("extensionAttribute3").Value Is Nothing Then
                Return "<Not Set>"
                extension3 = (dirResult.Properties("extensionAttribute3")(0).ToString())
                extension4 = (dirResult.Properties("extensionAttribute4")(0).ToString())
                extension5 = (dirResult.Properties("extensionAttribute5")(0).ToString())
            End If
            Return extension3
        Catch ex As Exception
            bSuccess = False
            MsgBox("No Connection to the domain." & Environment.NewLine & "Please connect to corporate network & try again.", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Network Error #2")
        End Try
        Return False
    End Function

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