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Alt+F Doesn't Work Correctly While other Alt+ Combinations seem to function OK

When I press ALT+F on a particular Windows 8 machine, nothing happens.  If I want to evoke ALT+F capabilities, I have to hit ALT then F.  So I'll hit the ALT key, release, then hit the F key.  What bothers me about this is that I can hit ALT + E and it works just fine.  Only functions that rely on ALT+F are effected.  Something got changed somewhere but I'm not sure what or where.  

Any thoughts?
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did it work ok before?  if so, check what changes were made : installs, updates, or did you assign functions to keys?
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It did at one point.  This is something that happened a very long time ago, I'm not sure what triggered it - I just decided to post about it today as I'm a bit tired of dealing with it and I've not been able to find a good solution to the problem.
Unfortunately, none of them really seem to apply.
depending on how long ago, a system restore can help
or running sfc :
Sadly, this was quite a while ago, it's probably been over a year.
is this a laptop - try an external keyboard, and see if that works ok
for a desktop - try another keyboard, or try this keyboard on another PC
This is a laptop.  I've tried both internal and external keyboards.  So I'm confident that this is somehow a problem with the configuration of Windows 8.1
>>   I've tried both internal and external keyboards  <<  ok - but did you have the problem with both - or not?

you can try running sfc, or a repair install :      Repair Install  SFC in WIN8
I think I can try this tonight.  Thanks.
I've tried both things as noted and the bug persists... ARGH!
what about my question?
>>  >>   I've tried both internal and external keyboards  <<  ok - but did you have the problem with both - or not?
I'm sorry - I wasn't clear there.  This is a problem on both internal and external keyboards.  I even tried a few other keyboards to make sure.
seems either the driver, or the os has been changed
try updating the keyboard driver
also the chipset driver can help

also - what system is this?
Windows 8.1 Update is the OS, the computer is an ASUS laptop and after checking all the drivers, everything appears to be the most up to date.  I feel like some kind of configuration has been changed at some point, but I can't figure out what that might have been.
>>  an ASUS laptop   <<  there are thousands - so, what model?

is a system restore to a date it was ok an option?
ASUS ROG G750JW 17-Inch, sadly, no, this has been a problem for a couple of years now - there's not any restore dates left for this!
ah -  leaving problems exist is always a bat thing...
try the method of adding another language :
Nobus, thank you for your input.  I tried the solutions found on that page and nothing seems to change the fact that if I want to do ALT+F I have to do ALT then F - can't hold down the ALT and F at the same time and have it work....

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Ya, I think that's my only recourse at this point.
it is a weird symptom though