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1) What is required to host an Access Database 2007-2010 on a public MS Windows Server based website for a) viewing data b) updating data?
2) Does the database need to be converted to MS SQL Server to provide proper security.
3) Does the functionality regarding 17 data entry forms, 1 custom query and 10 reports require reprogramming into .net code?
4) This job is for a Non-Profit organisation. I have completed a basic .Net programming course as part of my IT degree so is it feasible that I could convert the database and re-code the functionality?
5) What logical steps would you suggest for me to a) convert it or b) get a quote for an experienced .Net programmer to convert it?
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melmersSenior Software Deveolper/ArchitectCommented:

you can use the MS Access database as source, but i would recommend that you switch to an
SQL Server because of better security and support for ORM mappers like Entity Framework.

Yes the converting to a web app don't work out of the box, so you have to recode it.
What are your options ?
1.) Create a normale ASP.NET Application
2.) Create a ASP.NET MVC Application
3.) Use Lightswitch

When you only have data entry forms then it could possible and easy to use Lightswitch to
create an Silverlight / HTML Client Lightswitch application. This is easy if you ave no complex
logic. Then use option 3.)

If you have experience with the MVC pattern and are in the need to create a flexible solution
then use the option 2.)

The option 1.) is a fallback if you have experience with Forms programming that you learned
in your curse then you can use this option too, but there are many pit falls you can made
when you want to create highly dynamical web sites.

Your logical steps need to be:
Look at the database and show what to need to be done
  - create tables
  - analyze query how it works
  - analyze the forms and the vba code
  - analyze how the users are working with the database ( are there any direct table edits ? )

If your gahter all the requirements then you can see if you can do this?
But i think when your database is not to complex a professional .NET developer will
create you a better solution in a shorter time as you can. Because when you need to
learn, at first SQL, ASP.NET / MVC / Lightswitch, how to configure the IIS. You will need
several weeks to get a good running application and you can't work on other things for
your organisation.


Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You can host the database file but not the Access program.  You need to use the appropriate programming language and drivers to make it work like a 'web app'.  For a 'web app', Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL are better choices.  They are designed for the kind of multiuser operation that is expected of a web site.
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Actually, there is a service that allows you to host an Access DB basically "as is" and have remote users use it through a web browser:

The other option not mentioned is to run it on a terminal services server.  Again no changes as everything runs on the server.  Users remote in and only Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) goes across the wire.

Beyond that, Access 2013 does offer web apps, but they are somewhat limited at present.  However depending on your requirements, they may fit the ibll.  Typical setup is a "hybrid" design where you have the web front end for data collection and updating, then a desktop backend for processing/reporting.

  The web apps are run by SharePoint, and the data lives in SQL Server.

  If web apps will not do the job, then your only option left is a re-write as the others have said.


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ditterzAuthor Commented:
I think that all these answers are helpful. We probably won't be redeveloping the application unless funds are provided, but these answers helped me explain the situation to the developers and users so thank you all, Terri.
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