Best strategy and way of doing a oracle meta data cloning

Hello experts,

I have a database running live application, I need to create a meta data clone of this database to another oracle database, so my question is what are the best way of going forward to this? and also how to do this? is RMAN is good way of doing it or is it even possible with RMAN to do metadata back of the tables and procedures etc.

I don't need the actual data but the metadata like tables, views, store procedures etc.

database is: oracle 10G
os: sun sparc

thanks for help
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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
I don't think you could do what you are asking for with RMAN.

The best utility would be either expdp or exp.

The documentation for those can be found here ->

For expdp, you would be looking at the CONTENT=METDATA_ONLY parameter.

For exp, you would be looking at the ROWS=N parameter.

expdp is the newer utility, which I believe was released with 10G, exp is the older utility.  If you are already comfortable with one of them use it.  If you don't know either, learn the new one.

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hi4pplAuthor Commented:
THe problem is that the server is live never stop so I have to get hot back up of meta data, will that effect performance in the background if so ... how to make an SSH script to get the back up automatically at mid night
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
Why can't you get that while the system is up and running?  It is only hitting the dictionary tables, so user impact would be pretty minimal.
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
you can only do it with a live database
if you switch off the database, you can't extract anything

on any other computer
install the full admin oracle client and then expdp and exp are also installed
setup the tnsnames.ora in that local client
and you can export all the metadata from that remote computer
you don't  even need to get on the sparc server. you can even do it from a windows laptop (or a mac)
hi4pplAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replay, for expdp, CONTENT=METDATA_ONLY,does this export all procedure and scripts or it only export the tables and view?... as my goal is to export those also what my goal is to have exactly the same copy of database, tables, procedures etc on the second machine...

and I would love to see a command example :D thanks
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
It should export everything except table data.

As for a command example, there are many in the documentation link that I provided.  If you read through the information on the CONTENT parameter, there is actually an example right in the documentation on how to use it.
hi4pplAuthor Commented:

okay I will try this tomorrow and update here .

hi4pplAuthor Commented:

I used metata only option but it will not export table space command, I have to recreate all table spaces manually? I used in test environment I have not done it in live system as of yet but yeah that is the issue, it will not export the tablespace names
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
Did you include FULL=Y as a parameter?  If so, it should do the tablespace creates.  If not, try INCLUDE=TABLESPACE in your command line.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
consider you only want metdata ...i'd precreate the tablespaces yourself
> after the import they won't be holding data anyway

you could have a 10TB source database,
  and a 1GB new database after import

providing the initial extents of the tables are left as 64Kb
of the deferred_segment creation is left on
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