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Wordpess Category Page Control

In WordPress, I see that I can create a page based on a category, and that page will contain all the posts in that category. It seems that older posts are not displayed, and instead put in an archive, which seems to be automatic (at least, on the existing site that I am modifying, that seems to be the case).

The client says that for one category (http://www.alehisraelfoundation.org/category/in-the-press/), only 2 stories show up - only 3 stories happened in 2014. On another category (http://www.alehisraelfoundation.org/category/aleh-happenings/), 15 stories show up, because all those stories occurred during 2014. Both pages have an "archives" at the bottom. The client wants to see at least 15 stories on both pages, regardless of the year. Can this be done using the category feature of WordPress?
If not, is there a suggested way of displaying 15 stories (I know of a "recent posts" widget/shortcode) and ALSO including a button to include archived stories?

Thank you.

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