FTP no longer works on my mac

My macbook pro is no longer able to ftp. I know its my computer because when I ftp from my iPhone there is no issue. I have tried multiple ftp servers, replaced the router / modem that my isp gave me, and done a factory reset on the modem.

The error results in Coda are: Error -135: socket write error
The error results from Filezilla are: Could not write to socket: EPERM - Permission denied

When I run a traceroute I get a huge delay leaving my internal ip (see the *; took up to 15 seconds to find the next ip):
72 byte packets
 1 (  3.173 ms  12.042 ms  7.570 ms
 2  * * *
 3 (  17.397 ms  12.633 ms  11.704 ms
 4 (  11.520 ms  29.589 ms  29.728 ms
 5 (  29.897 ms  29.324 ms  29.904 ms
 6  torix.tge2-3.ar1.tor1.ca.nlayer.net (  30.018 ms  27.717 ms  29.274 ms
 7  ae2-69.tor10.ip4.gtt.net (  40.839 ms  36.484 ms  39.976 ms
 8  ip4.gtt.net (  50.003 ms  43.761 ms  39.804 ms
 9  ae2-69.cr1.iad1.ip4.gtt.net (  38.566 ms  39.508 ms  48.900 ms
10  as54641.xe-9-0-1.ar1.iad1.us.as4436.gtt.net (  35.012 ms  49.487 ms  70.705 ms
11  ecvp68.inmotionhosting.com (  49.362 ms  39.169 ms  50.832 ms
12  vps9664.inmotionhosting.com (  50.676 ms  48.834 ms  41.583 ms

The only recent update I have done was installing norton antivirus. However, when I turn the firewall completely off it still doesn't work. I have checked with my isp and hosting company and there is no blockage on my ip. This issue has been consistent for 3 days.

Short of a complete reformat, is there a setting I can apply on my modem (hitron from rogers cable), or a setting on my mac I can change?
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Try uninstalling Norton completely. That seems to me to be the likely cause.

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Can you FTP out if you do a safe start by holding down the shift key?
m2ewAuthor Commented:
Hi strung,
I will try both. Fingers crossed.
m2ewAuthor Commented:
Looks like it was norton. Guess something in its config.
First I uninstalled it and booted in safe mode and it worked.
Tried again in normal boot without norton and it worked.
Then I reinstalled it under its original configuration and no problems :)

TYSM for the help strung.
m2ewAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the quick and concise feedback. Cheers!
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