Recomendation for indoor and outdor IP Cameras

I am looking at buying 4 good quality, functional, stable IP cameras, and am looking for recommendations.

1.      Is for general monitoring the outside of a home
2.      Is for monitoring animals in a shed so that they can be viewed over a smart phone.
3.      Is for monitoring an elderly person in her room at night
4.      Is for monitoring an elderly in a sitting room during the day time

Here is some of my considerations:
Stable cameras that don’t need reboots and remain connected
At least password Secure ( Wap2? Encryption) etc.
Recording for camera that monitors the home would be nice but NOT a requirement
HD. With regard to HD it would be very nice, but NOT a strict requirement, very good quality image would do instead
The ability to send an email of what it can see a few times a day would be very nice.
Power. Energy use is not a problem as they can be plugged into the mains.
Wireless and LAN networking is available to all cameras.
Expandability. I would nice to view them all from the same webpage or smart phone display, but I suppose not necessary.
Very good low light qualities (May not need to be fully Infrared/Night Vision IP Cameras)
Pan-Tilt-Zoom would be nice for the outdoor cameras.

Here are some recommended cameras that I found online, including rough/approx prices:

1.      Is for monitoring the outside of a home

FI9828W model is an outdoor wireless IP camera.  PRICE 200

2.      Is for monitoring animals in a shed so that they can be viewed over a smart phone.

Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor Home Monitoring IP Camera   PRICE 229


UCam247-HDO1080 review - a 1080p outdoor Wi-Fi security camera   PRICE 200


Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Outdoor HD 3MP IP Bullet Security Camera 4mm   Price 124

3.      Is for monitoring an elderly person in her room at night

Drop Cam Pro. Price 199.99.

4.      Is for monitoring an elderly in a sitting room during the day time

Drop Cam Pro. Price 199.99.

I know that this is a bit general, but I would really appreciate strong advise before I purchase. I have no experience with IP cameras.

( of course I would like to buy these using Black Friday discounts, or at the latest Cyber Monday to avail of important discounts so if you reply as soon as you can I would appreciate it.)

Thank you,
IP4IT StaffAsked:
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Rob GMicrosoft Systems EngineerCommented:
Listen as someone who has just done this..
there are two ways to do it..

You can use wireless, but be prepared for issues..
You will never be able to use more then one camera at a time on a network where you do not have Cat6 1GB routers etc.. as wireless 1080P as there is just not enough bandwidth..

I tried it here, it allowed for 2 camera's to run at 1080P on a wirless N router.. connected to Cat6 and 1gb switches.. after 2 camera's you run into a few issues.. one of which was that the images would clip, another would be disconnection all together from the camera, and having to physically power cycle it to get it to come back..

That being said..
You also will have issues with storage.. One day at 1080P on a single camera without compression is over 20GB. So if you have roughly 100GB a day of video, and need to keep a month, be prepared for a LOT of storage..

For compliance i need to keep a month here..
So it would have been epic..

I ended up buying Trendnet POE camera's and wiring everything up. Then using the software that came with the Trendnet POE camera's and an old desktop with 6TB of drives in it.

It works really well.. But those camera's were majorly expensive..
800.00 each..
They have night vision, that is clear and crisp.
They also have security alerts and email to my phone if they pickup any movement after a certain time of night. The software came with the ability to text message me too..
The only issues i have had with them is that they come with outdated firmware, which needs to be updated per camera.

The Camera's all have a web interface, which you can control individually, or can hit from the main server. There are also apps from which you can access the camera's directly from an android or Iphone..

They are indoor/outdoor camera's so they all work in either setup, which is helpful, especially if you have a fire, you can still record while they are wet inside a building, and for insurance purposes, that might save you someday..

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IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
I ended up buying the following kit, only because:

A. it was at a very good sale price
B. it gives me a bit of everything
C. It just popped up out of the blue in an add from a very well known distributor that we have been dealing with for years, the just happened to be doing a special on this.
D. I needed to get my backside of the seat and make a decision on this, too long shopping around and too difficult to compare.

I know its probably some what "cheap" kit. I intend to add 2 very good quality cameras at a later date.

Any thoughts on this gear, I would really like to hear them, don't be afraid to bash it?

Item 1:  Homeguard All-In-One Wireless CCTV Kit: P/N 70318
•Very Simple to Use, Everything Set Up from the Tablet
•Records to SD Card (not included) if Required
•Motion Detection Feature - Only Records When
Activity Occurs
•Night Vision and Weatherproof
•View from Anywhere in the World via Smartphone or
•Great for Keeping an Eye on Loved Ones - Babies,
Toddlers, Pets or Elderly Relatives
Kit Available with EU PSU adapters P/N 99065

Item 2: Homeguard Wireless Home Camera Part Number: P/N 70317
• Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera
• CCTV, Baby, Pet, Granny Cam
• Simple SmartPhone / Tablet Access with
Brilliant App
• Fits Most Consumers Existing Setup, Just
Need Internet Access
• Genuine Plug and Play, Very Easy to Setup
and Use
• Night Vision, Two way Audio, Motion

Item 3:  4 Ch 2 Cam (600 TVL) CCTV Kit. Part Number 76910
• D1 Resolution on all 4 Channels, HD Output
• 1TB WD Purple HDD Pre-Installed, Design
for Always on 24/7 Audio / Video Environments
• H.264 Compression Technology and Pentaplex
• 2x Weatherproof (IP66) 600 TVL CCTV
Cameras with 15 – 20m Night Vision Range
• Remote viewing Apps allows you to view Live
Footage, with Ultra-Simple Automatic Setup

Item 4: CCTV Bullet Camera 480 TVL. Part Number P/N 64819
•all or Ceiling Mounted Indoor or Outdoor CCTV Bullet
•Weatherproof Housing, IP66 Rated
•Excellent Picture Quality (480 TV Lines)
•Day or Night (15 – 20m Night Vision Range)
•Designed for Use and Installation by Home / DIY

Item 5: CCTV Cable - 18m. Part Number: 72698
• 60ft (18.3m) CCTV Power / Video BNC
Extension Cable
• Allows Larger Distances Between Cameras
and DVRs
• Includes BNC Adapter to Allow One Cable to
be Attached to Another
• Suitable for Outdoor Use (Connectors will
Require Additional Protection)
• Compatible with Most Brands of Modern
DVR and CCTV Camera

Thanks for all the good advice.  I plan on installing this kit next week. I would like to keep this question opened until I see if the installation raises other concerns, or so that I can pass on advice.

Any thoughts on this gear?

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