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Batch file that will move PDFs to corresponding folders


Our financial institution is using a system that generates client PDFs in a specific format. For example, the system we use exports PDFs in location \\serverA\clientPDFs\ as this format:

1455-Douglas T Thompson-2013Archivek1Package.pdf
4785-Cheri Lockson-2013Archivek1Package.pdf
7899-Thomas Pete-2012Archivek1Package.pdf
etc... (we have hundreds of them waiting to be moved)

but all clients of different types are in 1 folder instead of its own assigned client folder.

I need a batch file that will migrate the clients above to its corresponding client ID. An example of its final result would be:

\\serverB\client\1455\1455-Douglas T Thompson-2013Archivek1Package.pdf\
\\serverB\client\4785\4785-Cheri Lockson-2013Archivek1Package.pdf\
\\serverB\client\7899\7899-Thomas Pete-2012Archivek1Package.pdf\

anything will help, thanks in advance!
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