sbs 2008 p2v, network problems. cannot connect vm to network.

2008r2 host, need to get p2v of sbs2008 server running.
Stopped all services, ran disk2vhd.
enable a nic on the host (uncheck the integrated with os) and assign to vm
vm comes up and sees nic, but cannot attach to network.
have tried twice.

This is HOT, please help!
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
what are your virtual switch settings.. Which hypervisor are you using? Hyper-V, ESX ?
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Start up the VM--go to control panel and device manager--in device manager remove all network entries and reboot--once rebooted recheck network enteries and if there is a network card then go to control panel and "network and sharing center" and add the NIC card IP address, default gateway and DNS , etc, etc. If there is not a NIC in device manger after rebooted (assuming MS Hypervisor)) turn off the VM and go to the settings for the VM and add a "network legacy adapter" for this VM and then restart it and redo instructions above.
scottzechAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys, for some reason I never got any emails (spam??) that I had any activity on this question.

Thanks to both David and lionelmm for your replies.

Turns out the VM was assigning a static IP address which was already in use. Documents I had were not updated by another tech... I know - a rookie mistake.
However, for the future - FYI neither the VM or the HOST said there was a dup ip address!
This is a ml350 gen 8. Host was set to use one NIC - successful.
NIC used for VM (pass through = dedicated nic to the VM) was setting an ip address already in use. but NO messages on either the host or the VM. Just no internet activity.
Since this was a d2v of a sbs2011 for migration, with all the clean up done using devmgr with hidden devices, etc etc, I assumed it was something queer with SBS2011, and I didn't go back to the basics for another 12 hours like an idiot!

Lamentably, my first real use of experts exchange in 25 years didn't help much... it just took to long to get a response. we did 2 huge conversions over turkey weekend, and it couldn't wait!
Thanks anyway!
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scottzechAuthor Commented:
oh, and it is a 2008 r2 host.
scottzechAuthor Commented:
finally, one more weirdness, their are 4 nics on a ml350gen8.
For some reason, NIC # 1-4 as marked on the back of the server do NOT match the LAN conection #'s on windows 2008 r2. NIC 2 is actually NIC 4 on the back of the server, and vice versa...

HP mentions it as NOT being a problem... duh. It is when you don't have infrastructure to plug in all 4 nics on the server..
Or maybe there is an easy fix?
thanks again to all.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
For some reason, NIC # 1-4 as marked on the back of the server do NOT match the LAN conection #'s on windows 2008 r2. NIC 2 is actually NIC 4 on the back of the server, and vice versa...
The same thing works when you look at drive listings in diskpart and try and compare them to the sata port.

A workaround is to rename the adapter so the backplane and the control panel match up

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scottzechAuthor Commented:
David's original comments asked about whether it was hyper-v or esx. my initial question made that very clear, tho perhaps on clearly stated.
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