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I am using vlc sofdtware to convert video(like mp4, wmv etc) to mp3.. I would like to know how to set the destination to desktop. How to give specific name to output file. How can i do multiple files together. Say i have 3 mp4 video files (Say abc.mp4,def.mp4,ghi.mp4). How do i combine them in order into one single file(say jkl.mp4)so that i can change whole into mp3 file so that i do not miss the order. Please advise
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Is VLC extracting the audio out of the Video?
I don't know if there is way to do that in VLC in batch?
Are you familiar with cmd?
I'd  give a call to BillDl  for help he knows how to batch like this
I'll send him a message if you like.
in the mean time
Multiple File Conversion with VLC media Player
How to Batch Encode

My personal choice is windows moviemaker just drop them on and go to file save movie for select  mp3
Then split them later if need or let them stay as one long continuous track

There is also  Adapter
How to Batch Convert Multiple Videos Into MP3 Using Adapter
Hi Merete and gudii9.

I will have a look and see what I can work out, but it is fair to warn you that I have only ever used VLC Player to stream and re-encode one file at a time.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I have seen several references to a command line in the cmd window of Win7:
copy /b "C:\File.mp4" + "C:\File1.mp4" CombinedFile.mp4

But I can't manage to get this to work!
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That won't work with MP4 files Paul.  The simplicity of the MP3 format and lack of adherence to standards has allowed media players to tolerate the little sync errors that are created by joining them together like that, so in general that works for MP3s.  Because MP4 files are containers for both an audio and video stream and these could be in a variety of different audio and video formats formats, MP4s can't be joined together using the same simple "DOS" COPY command method to my knowledge.
gudii9Author Commented:
Vlc I tried giving output folder name and mp3  name earlier and it worked.  I forgot now. I click convert option in first drop down then say i want file name test.mp3 to be kept on desktop.  I am not able to do that now
I'll make a guide for gudii9
see attached file word doc
you need to name it a header such as Pink Floyd then each time you type that add the number 1 2 3 etc
I'm using the header track
everytime you convert one check the output name before clicking convert make a folder on your desktop
gudii9Author Commented:
Let me try
Or you could simply drop one file onto windows moviemaker and save as mp3 it extracts the audio out of the video
 just as quick. I already suggested just as a back with guide as well. How to extract audio out of video using WMM http:#a40471281
gudii9Author Commented:
vlc worked fine with single video file.

I installed wmm 2014 version. i do not see that +Add Video or photo as mentioned in the first page of your document. How do i load video to convert to mp3. please advise
Click on the center of WMM it says click here to browse for video and or pictures I simply drag and drop them on.
 WMM works fine for a single or multiple files gudii9
if adding more than one it will merge them as one file, do you want that?  just to be sure you understand?
For a single video
Drag and drop your single video on wait a moment for the audio to load.
Then go to file to save movie for scroll down to Audio
for multiple video
 after the first file is added Just drag and drop it on wait till it loads if it is a mp4 then put your mouse curser at the end of the first video and drag the 2nd video on repeat the process.
Then go to file to save movie for scroll down to Audio.

I did include a guide on word .doc
How to extract audio out of video using WMM  at the bottom see attached http:#a40471281
If you prefer
1-load video2-wait till it loads4- go to file save movie for-select audio5 - give the file a name and saveDone, takes a minute
gudii9Author Commented:
I am middle of few things. Let me check and get back.
:) yep..
gudii9Author Commented:
Click on the center of WMM it says click here to browse for video and or pictures I simply drag and drop them on.

i do not see that option. Not sure it is due to version of wmm or something i am missing. please advise
Ah, you have an olde version of WMM it has a video time line and the play window is on the right
gudii9  click on Help then about what version is showing?
Mine is  version 12 year 2012 Windows Live Moviemaker windows 7
Do you have windows 7?

Windows Movie Maker vs Windows Live Movie Maker
How windows Moviemaker XP
I can't say if it accepts mp4.
But go to file or add video same method then go to file save movie for?
gudii9Author Commented:
attached wmm version

i have windows ultimate OS laptop.
please advise
That definitely looks like a different version to mine and more like the older version from XP.
Where did you download it as it doesn't come with windows 7?
do you just want windows Live Movie Maker?
As I'm not sure what to offer here since WMM comes in a stand alone or part of the essentials which I have.
windows essentials also has Photo Gallery One Drive Moviemaker etc
or you can download WMM alone'
try doing it in your version just drag and drop onto that Storyboard. Then go to file and save for see if it has audio.
WMM old version
Yes, that is strange.  I have "Windows Movie Maker 2.1" (version 2.1.4028.0) on my Windows XP computer.  It was one of the Windows Updates to upgrade the installed version to the last one available for XP.
WMM-Version.jpgThe version installed on your Windows 7 Ultimate (2.1.4026.0) is actually a version BEHIND the last XP upgrade.

Version version 2.1.4028.0 on Windows XP does not support the import of MP4 files.
WMM-MP4-Error.jpgI have no doubt that there is some way of making it support MP4s (i.e. installing a codec pack), but I have never bothered to try.  Perhaps Windows 7 has suitable codecs that allow that version of Windows Movie Maker to import MP4 files, but I too think it would be better to install Windows LIVE Movie Maker.
Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 comes as part of the Windows Essentials 2012 program suite, which includes:
Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Toolbar, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Family Safety, and OneDrive.

To get the installer just type "get windows live movie maker" into your search engine and you should get a link to a page on the Microsoft site for your country that lists the versions available.  Mine always defaults to "English GB"
so I can't provide a direct link.

It should download as a small file named "wlsetup-web.exe".  This is just a download initialiser that runs and allows you to choose which of the components in the Live Essentials Suite you want to install, and it then fetches all the files required.  This installer can take quite a long time to complete because of the way it has to download the separate components before it starts installing them.
gudii9, further research I discovered it seems this windows Movie maker 2014 you downloaded is from Zebra Apps, and is different from windows movie maker 2012  from windows essential from Microsoft.
Seems to be like an old version with the story board.
This version is a from a sponsored web page Zebra not Microsoft and may have add ware, or is used for tablets or mobile devices?
 the URL you used?
Zebra Apps WMM
URL Zebra web apps WMMWMM on Zebra pageAt the bottom of the page they state>
Windows Movie Maker is a software developed by Microsoft. This site is not directly affiliated with Microsoft.

I suggest you uninstall that and get the one from the links I posted and BillDL has also posted.
It is far simpler to use? Just from the looks of the interface.
Mine is  version 12- year 2012 Windows Live Movie maker windows 7 now called WMM. And is the official Microsoft up to date version.
better still install the Essentials

Up tp you but I cannot vouch as to how this version functions I have a desktop, you have a Laptop?  both windows 7 and in my humble opinion we should be using the same?
Your thoughts.

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gudii9Author Commented:
oh let me uninstall and try to install correct one.
Yep :)
gudii9Author Commented:
i get time to uninstall not able to install yet. Will let you know
gudii9Author Commented:
installing taking almost 30 min
Is this just WLMM or the essentials pack?
the url gives you a wlsetup-web installer 1.8 megs
no background popups asking you to agree to install ?
gudii9Author Commented:
i installed last night. need to test
Very good we'll get there :)
gudii9Author Commented:
it worked like magic
Merry Christmas :)
Thank you gudii9.
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