Office 365 to setup to sync for Email, Calendars, Contacts and files

I was thinking to get the Office 365 so that the Email, Contacts, Calendars and Files can be sync on all the platforms. So as I use Windows7 then iPhone and iPad. And would like to sync on all of these three devices.

At this stage I am already using email of my own domain on the Laptop. So I need to import into the Cloud of Office 365 as I think. And then setup the Laptop to link with Office 365. Then to setup that on iPhone and iPad.

Does anyone know the process of moving the PST file to Office 365 cloud? And the important steps not to skip in linking to other devices.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Just configure your Office 365 mailbox in Outlook and import the PST file in said mailbox. It will then be available accross all devices. To add the mailbox on mobile device, follow the steps here:

For files and stuff, you can upload them to OneDrive for Business, but syncing gigabites of files on mobile devices is definitely not a good idea. Even syncing on desktop/laptops PCs should be limited to only the files you currently work with, the rest can just be uploaded and synced only when/if needed.
Tuan MasseyIT ManagerCommented:
First of all just locate the PST file and make a copy of it in a Backup Folder just in case. I've seen some PST files get auto deleted after you remove an email account from outlook, this may have only been for cached exchange accounts but make a copy anyways.

Create and Purchase the Microsoft Exchange Online account:

It costs $4/month per email account. It will guide you through the steps to verify that you are the domain owner (usually by adding a TXT or MX record).

If you have to change your Name Servers on your registarar management page (ex., your email will be down while the Name Servers are propagating. It will then have you create CNAME and MX Records to link the email with office365.

Here is a tool you can use to see if it's populating:

Once all that is done you can go into your Office Outlook software, phones, and tablets. Delete your old email account and add the new email account as an exchange.

It's very easy to import your old PST info into your newly created exchange email account follow these instructions:

This import method imports calendar items and contacts too. You may have to wait a very long time for it to upload to the exchange server, Depending on how big your PST file is and how fast your internet upload speed is. You get 50GB of storage so that should be enough for most users.

In Outlook 2010 and higher the autodiscover should work just fine when setting up an exchange account. Just remember to use full email address as the username, if it ever requests for the server just use

I don't recommend using POP either. Stay on exchange or if the device cannot handle it use IMAP

Here is some useful info you might need while setting up email in Outlook, phones, and tablets:

IMAP Setting:
Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL

SMTP setting:
Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi Tuan,

thanks for the response. And got couple of questions
- The link of PST import given here looks like its for Outlook 2007\2010. Is it the same process of Exchange?
- The PST size is around 4gb. so should not take long though.

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Tuan MasseyIT ManagerCommented:
Hi, Sorry for the very late reply - was very busy last week.

The Process is very similar for outlook 2013, once you get into the import wizard its the same.

This method works for Exchange, IMAP, and POP accounts.

4GB took me about 30 mins to upload but i am on a very fast internet connection.
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
It was explained nicely in order.
Tuan MasseyIT ManagerCommented:
Hi Sam, Did you mean to accept my solution as the answer? I ask because you selected yourself as the solver.
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Yes the answer you gave me on 30th Nov was right.
Tuan MasseyIT ManagerCommented:
Very good, but you marked yourself instead of my post on the 30th. So therefore i did not get any points for helping you.
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
I must have mistaken and let me know how the point can be awarded to you.
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